Sunday, November 15, 2015

Relaunch Tomorrow

There's nothing I like talking about more than genre, especially dark fiction and dark cinema. I can sit down and discuss it for hours, going on and on about personalities, tropes, motifs, and trends in genre. Maybe it's because I write horror and dark fantasy (The Emerald Key, The Ravening). Maybe it's because I have no life.

Given that this is who I am, I'm rededicating myself to this blog, and focusing on genre, promising the kind of discussion that fans, especially those living in their parents basements, will love. I'll be posting three to four times a week. You think that's a lot? Me too, but I'm retired, so what the hell? And it will give me a chance to start trying my hand again at cartooning, something my father used to beg me to choose as a career. Of course, he also kept insisting I wear black garbage bags and eat nothing but dog biscuits.

So, watch for the first of the new HOUSE OF STERNBERG tomorrow. It will look the same, but now with more "Sternberg." Hey, it's a process.

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