Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Suckered Again

I recently became excited because I discovered Firefly, the series Fox killed in its cradle, would see a revival on Netflix. As my excitement reached a frenzy, a friend drenched me with reality, pointing out the information was a hoax. Who does stuff like that?

I decided to go exploring, just to see what other hoaxes might be out there waiting to pounce. My research delivered immediate results. The Washington Post listed its worst 15 internet hoaxes. Here are their top five, if you want to read the rest, click the link.

1. There was no three boobed girl.  That's numero uno? I didn't even realize it was a thing.
2. 4chan didn’t leak Emma Watson’s nudes. What? Then the mystery is still unsolved,
3. That super-viral “drunk girl” video was staged. I have some ex-students...
4. Bikers didn't "surrender" the Brooklyn Bridge to pedestrians. Didn't know it was taken.
5. A disfigured 3-year-old was not kicked out of a Mississippi KFC. 

Wow, Those are like the lamest hoaxes. Couldn't the prestigious journalistic team at the Washington Post have come up with something a bit more interesting? Even Mashable came up with something a bit more interesting. Remember "Bill Gates Wants to Give You Money?" What about "The Giant Camel Spiders of Iraq?" or "Hercules, the Giant Dog?" And then there was the ever popular "How to Charge an Ipod with an Onion?" All they needed was a great infomercial.

Keep in mind that I'm not talking about the sort of hoaxes your crazy uncle is going to scream about this coming Thanksgiving, you know..the political ones. I'm talking about stuff like Hercules. Who creates that sort of hoax. And why? And who believes them? Besides me? When we're talking about Firefly coming to Netflix. Hey, at least I was suckered in by something important.


RK Sterling said...

Really? The Firefly to Netflix was a hoax?

Wow. I really do need to get out more. I was excited to hear about it at first, but then figured it might not be any good if they had an all new cast. Guess I don't even do my hoax reading well. :)

Timothy G. Huguenin said...

this one got me pretty good a while back:

Timothy G. Huguenin said...

sorry i messed up that link.