Friday, May 29, 2015

Home, Sweet Home

Oakley Manor

What does The Curse of Frankenstein, Die Monster Die, Dracula, and Rocky Horror Picture Show all have in common? Why, the gorgeous Oakley Manor, thank you. That amazing piece of real estate that can become a character all its own, whether it's the haunt of Christopher Lee as Dracula or the decadent digs of Frank-n-Furter. Of course, now the manor has been sold and turned into a hotel, so maybe this property, built in 1859 is a bit tamer.  But that got me thinking about some other properties we've seen in film over the years.

The Ettington Hotel

Anyone who appreciates the history of horror in the cinema must remember the house in The Haunting, based on a novel by Shirley Jackson and directed by Robert Wise. It was a creepy bit of film and the sort of psychological ghost story that stays with you. The star of the story, apologies to Clare Bloom and Julie Harris, is the now converted Ettington Hotel in Warwickshire, England. The gorgeous property is reputed to be one of the most haunted sites in the world. You can read about its impressive history here. Ghosts or not, the Ettington is a magnificent edifice, a brooding structure that is at once imposing and imperial.

Carey Mansion

The United States has some interesting sites, too. People who recently saw Dark Shadows might recognize the Collinwood Manor from the TV series and movies. This Gothic structure was built in Rhode Island back in 1907 by a whiskey millionaire and is actually known as the Carey Mansion, and like most of these old homes, its reputation is heavy with supernatural rumblings.
The Stanley Hotel

But as popular as the above houses may be, perhaps my favorite is The Stanley Hotel in Colorado. You might know it by another name: The Overlook, popularized by the film and novel, The Shining. The hotel smartly embraces its haunted reputation and cinematic history and even has a ghGhost Hunters television show.
ost package for visitors. The hotel was the subject of one of the most popular investigations of Syfy's

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