Monday, August 11, 2014

Ideas Be Damned

I recently had a fellow author tell me about a great idea he had for a book. Outstanding! Wonderful! And while he related it to me my mind wandered and suddenly I was blissfully elsewhere. My suspicion is if he approached the book from the same direction then the readers would probably wander off as well, and probably never get past the first couple pages.

We don't read because an author has a great idea. It might be enough to hook us for a page or two, but if the story isn't solid, we're off. And by story, I mean the journey of the character, whether or not that journey is internal or external. Readers want a connection.

I tried relating this concept. He nodded his head. He agreed. And then he went on and on about his idea. And once again I drifted off. The moral? Some writers have to learn the hard way.


DonkeyBlog said...

...or you could just tell him/her! :)

Stewart Sternberg said...

Good point, Donkey.