Friday, May 02, 2014

Sephera Giron

With eighty percent of all media under the control of six corporations, the world of fiction is reduced to the lowest common denominator, with the victim being originality and opportunity for writers. Publishers want the next big thing, and if they don't have the next big thing, they'll strive to manufacture it. Thank God for the internet, thank good for small press and self publishing.

This Friday I am beginning a new tradition. At the end of each week I will promote one author across all my social media. It might be someone from small press, or someone who is striking out on their own. Some of these authors may be well known, some may be brand new to the scene. Giving them the attention they deserve is part of my commitment to support the writing community and to encourage authors to network with one another.

Sephera Giron is a dark fiction writer whose work sometimes flirts with erotica and apparently sometimes runs screaming at it. Her appreciation for the dark and the dramatic probably comes from her background in performance arts, or perhaps from her embrace of the metaphysical. Want a tarot reading? She's happy to oblige. Paranormal investigation? She's immersed herself in the world of ghost hunting.

Her most recent book, Flesh Failure will be coming out courtesy of Samhain Publishing. More information about Ms. Giron can be found at the blog,  Musing of the Monster Librarian and on the blog of fellow author Joan De La Haye. If you want to show Ms. Giron some love, check out her patreon site. She is currently looking to the internet to fund current and future projects. You can also follow her blog, Sephera's World or check out some of her video activity on her Youtube Channel.

The newest book from Samhain Publishing available this July

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Charles Gramlich said...

I like that title. I'll have to check it out. I've not read anything by her.