Friday, May 09, 2014

David J West

As promised, I am spotlighting a small press or indie writer each Friday. Occasionally, I'll even tip a hat to some of the folks picked up by the large press. Today, let's turn our attention to the dashing Mr. David West. 

This well-traveled author hails from Salt Lake City. He has demonstrated a passion for self-expression and professes a strong spiritual nature. With a playful good nature, and a wit which entertains but rarely skewers, Mr. West is the sort who through casual conversation, even online, makes one feel they've known him for some time.

This award winning author's best writing occurs when he gives rein to his love for sword and sorcery. He enjoys two-fisted pulp in the tradition of Robert E. Howard and his novel Heroes of the Fallen, influenced by both his Mormon upbringing and passion for fantasy, is a fast-moving adventure.

His newest work Bless The Child, ,another fantasy, is dedicated to children with Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN). All proceeds will go the Hannah's Hope Fund, a non-profit organization aimed at research and supporting families dealing with the disease.

Bless The Child is a novel whose central character is a Spartan seeking redemption for a life of violence. In his wanderings through the Holy Land he becomes embroiled in a war and emerges as something he never imagined for himself, an instrument of peace.

If you are interested in learning more about Mr. West or contacting him, check out his blog and Goodreads pages. He can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.


Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent! David well deserves the spotlight. I really enjoyed Heroes of the Fallen

David J. West said...

Much appreciated Stewart, thanks for the kind words.