Thursday, June 06, 2013

Whence Come The Ravening?

The Ravening is now available for Kindle on Amazon or as an epub for use on various other readers. What is it about?

Society has collapsed under the weight of the Zagreus Virus and survivors battle one another,  as well as the walking corpses that are the Zagreus dead. Trying to find peace in this apocalyptic landscape, a father searches for his family when they are taken by members of a cult who clai see the animated dead as evidence of divine intervention. The corrupt leader of the Church of the Exalted uses the zombies as a way to control his people and spread his influence throughout the countryside.

The Ravening is the first of several novels following the Tucker family as they struggle to retain their humanity in a world descending into barbarism. 

Is this a different version than the trade paperback? Yes. This has been rewritten to be a tighter read than the original. Also some scenes have been added.

Why is this just being released now? First, it's part of a new writers collective known as Woodward Press and its release is set to coincide with the launch of this group. You can also look forward to works by Joe Ponepinto (The Face Maker and Other Stories), Dora Badger (Charlie Cat's Carnival: Tales of the Midway) and Jon Zech (God's Wife and Other Stories). With luck, my collaborator on The Emerald Key, Christine Purcell, will also have something later this year. More about Woodward Press next week.

So why else should you read this? It will greatly enhance your reading of its sequel The Zagreus Swarm, when released later this summer. And you know you are going to want to read The Zagreus Swarm. And finally, and for some folk, it has zombies. Let's face it, The Walking Dead's return is months away, and you're going to need something to fill the gap.

Go on, give it a read, and make sure you leave a review. I need the reassurance. Trust me.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I read the print version, man. I'm curious about the differences, though.