Saturday, May 12, 2012


This Monday I will be posting the next update in the Dark Reality Chronicles story "The Magic Trap," a tale featuring characters from the soon to be released THE BREACH. The story so far? The rakish Peter Styles, a reformed necromancer with the ability to tune into people's thoughts, and his friend Avery Tressler (a name you might recognize from High Seas Cthulhu) are walking along the fringe of a London park on a cloudy afternoon. As they engage in banter, they are blasted by some psychic disturbance which might have possibly opened a rift in reality, if only for a moment. Ten people are dead from the blast.

Peter and Avery learn the disturbance is the result of a device capable of harnessing magical energy. They must find a way to stop the individual responsible before he or she can set off another blast.

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