Sunday, December 18, 2011

Heard From the Other Room

I swear I heard this dialog between my large terrier mix, Leo,  and my cockapoo, reference to Old  Matilda.

Bernie: The cat was stalking you, for God's sake!
Matilda: Look at the puppy.
Bernie: She's a frickin' cat.
Leo: She's just a kitten, let her play.
Bernie: It's against nature. You let that thing start stalking us and she'll be on us in our sleep, ripping our throats and tearing the flesh from our bones. I say we start a pack hunt.
Leo: I'm not pack hunting a kitten. Go smell the kitchen floor. It will relax you.
Bernie: You smell the freakin' kitchen floor. I'm going after the freakin' cat!
Matilda: Look at the puppy.
Bernie: For God's sake, it's a cat! What the hell. Someone call the doggie metalodge.



Charles Gramlich said...

Can you say either hallucinogenics or delirium tremens?

Anonymous said...