Sunday, July 03, 2011

Night Vision- new fiction by Stewart Sternberg

July 4th is the official launch date of Rick Moore's online publication White Cat Magazine. This pro-pay site is an attempt to draw in excellent writing and discerning readers by offering literature of a broad array of genre. Mr. Moore has been blogging for several years,  and this new venture is a logical move for him to express himself and extend his influence further into the writing community. We here at House-of-Sternberg wish him great success, although considering his entrepreneurial spirit, he should do just fine.

Oh, and if you need more motivation to check him out, his launch includes a work of dark fiction from your's truly. Night Vision. I hope you find it disturbing.


Charles Gramlich said...

Liked the story. I've got one up there too, "Ruins & Wraiths." Looks like a great site.

Travis Cody said...

Just wanted to drop by and let you know how much I enjoyed Night Vision.