Friday, July 22, 2011

Trailers From Hell

If you like the filmgoing experience, then odds are you like trailers for motion pictures. There's nothing like the little excitement you get at seeing a peek of some eagerly awaited motion picture. However, watching teasers and trailers, it's easy to forget that they are in some way an art form at once exquisite and kitschy, and for some of us a spark igniting tremendous memories.

Joe Dante has used his fondness for these bits of Americana to launch a website where he and his friends have gathered together a marvelous collection of trailers. Dante is the director of such films as Gremlins, The `Burbs, and The Howling. His fondness for the trailer obviously comes from his stint as a trailer editor for Roger Corman, a film maker known for working on the cheap and is famous for his Poe inspired films often starring the late Vincent Price.

His website Trailer From Hell is a treasure trove of trailers, and it is made special by the additional commentary provided by Dante's "gurus,"directors and producers who also have tremendous fondness for this snippets of goodness. Among the gurus, you can find Eli Roth, John Landis, and Guillermo del Toro. Do yourself a favor and check out this site. It is a treat. If you are especially a fan of horror or science fiction, especially from the sixties and seventies, then it's a positive gold mine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

From The Little Beastiary

Lovecraft saw amazing things, and I'm thinking they were real. Except---maybe they were also very, very small. Small as in 1/2 milimeter in size. This picture is of something called a hydrothermal worm. It's something to think about when  the bedbugs stop being creepy enough for you.

This is from the folks at Red Orbit, who published this picture taken with a  FEI Quanta SEM electron microscope and the photo is credited FEI/Philippe Crassous

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Night Vision- new fiction by Stewart Sternberg

July 4th is the official launch date of Rick Moore's online publication White Cat Magazine. This pro-pay site is an attempt to draw in excellent writing and discerning readers by offering literature of a broad array of genre. Mr. Moore has been blogging for several years,  and this new venture is a logical move for him to express himself and extend his influence further into the writing community. We here at House-of-Sternberg wish him great success, although considering his entrepreneurial spirit, he should do just fine.

Oh, and if you need more motivation to check him out, his launch includes a work of dark fiction from your's truly. Night Vision. I hope you find it disturbing.