Saturday, June 25, 2011

Once More Unto The Breach

A few people have asked whether The Ravening will see a sequel, and what else I might be working on. Well, I have a short story or two which should see publication, but I will hold off talking about those, except to say that they are in the Lovecraftian arena; however, yes, there will be a sequel to The Ravening. The working title is Zagreus Rising, Book Two of The Ravening. 

Besides Zagreus Rising, which I promise takes the story in unexpected directions, I'm wrapping up The Breach with Christine Purcell.
The Breach is steampunk. For those of you who might not follow this subgenre of fantasy and science fiction, I'll just say it takes place in early Victorian England. And while I'm not spilling much about the plot at this time, anything with airships fashioned after designs by Leonardo DaVinci, and featuring the lost tomb of Alexander The Great and the manipulation of realities, can't be all bad! Hopefully, this is the first of the adventures of the irresponsible if not charming Peter Styles, and the brilliant and courageous Ember Quatermain.


Charles Gramlich said...

Ember Quatermain is a great name.

Ged Online said...

awesome thanks for sharing with us