Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking For The Ravening

Someone told me they purchased a copy of The Ravening from Barnes and Noble. They went into the store, asked for it, and the store ordered it. When it came in, the person picked up her copy. Apparently the store ordered at least five copies of the book, probably figuring if one person ordered it, surely there would be more customers.

I decided to visit Barnes and Noble. There's nothing quite inspiring as seeing one's book on a shelf. I looked...and looked...and looked...and nothing. Puzzled, I went to the service counter and asked if it was in stock. "Yes," said a bright young man, and proceeded to lead me to it. The books were on a bottom shelf, impossible to see, in the general fiction section!!!

"This is a horror novel. Shouldn't it be with the other horror novels? Maybe sitting next to some of the other zombie books?"

He shrugged. I nodded and went back to the general section, bending over sideways so I could see the title through the deep shadows of the bottom shelf of the general fiction section.

It could have been worse.

Oh..and a post script...if any of you have read the book and liked it...would you consider posting a few kind words of review on either the Amazon site or the Barnes and Noble site. Heck, you could even spread the love through Goodreads.


SQT said...

I looked online to see if our local B&N had it in stock and it says they do. I wanted to get out there today to buy one but my daughter was home sick. Tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

You didn't move them to the horror section? That must have taken a great deal of restraint :)

David J. West said...

Heh, same thing with mine-WEST=bottom shelf. And the beautiful thing was it was a complete surprise, I didn't expect to see my book that day (distribution issues)
I turned them cover out, so IF someone looked down they would see them.
I'll pick up a copy of 'The Ravening' sometime soon and do a review.

Charles Gramlich said...

I have the book of course but haven't had a chance to read it yet. 2011 has started off with a heavy workload.

Daniel said...

I ordered mine through Schuler Books in Lansing and picked it up this week--was delighted to see my name put to good use.

I'll have a blog post up about it on Monday afternoon at (and I'll try to remember to read the quote on this week's podcast).

Sorry I couldn't make it to ConFusion! Will you be at Penguicon?

Sidney said...

Heavy sigh.