Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ravening

People who have preordered The Ravening through Amazon have received notice the books are shipping. It should also be available in some local bookstores. If you go to purchase it and the title isn't in, by all means march up to the manager, grab him by the collar, and express an urgency to see it on the shelves. Even if you don't want to read it and it isn't on the shelves, grab the manager by the collar and express this urgency---it will give the manager something to talk about and help him understand a nuance of customer service.

I am currently at work on the sequel, tentatively entitled Zagreus Swarm (Zagreus being the virus in the first novel).At any rate, I hope those of you who read The Ravening will enjoy it. Thanks to all who have supported me. Especially, my wife.