Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gift Season

What do two old men do when they missed the time slot of the movie they were supposed to see? Why go and hang out at the local electronics store, of course! Yes, we played with the large 3d screens, bowled with the XBOX Kinnect, and played with the computers. It was sheer heaven. However, this got me thinking...what do writers want for Christmas from their local electronic stores? Allow me to deliver the writer's wish list, the top five toys for the writer in your family.

1. Kindle (or an ebook reader equivalent). The joy of carrying around a library in your book bag. I know there are those who will shriek at the idea of hastening the demise of paper based printing, but you can't deny the devices are here to stay and they are practical.  Especially for students who get weary of dragging a heavy book bag around.

2. Apple IPAD (or a notebook equivalent, and there are many on the way). How can you argue with such a practical, make that tool. Access the net, read the newspaper, write, etc. Like the Kindle, it's a perfect reading tablet, but it's so much more versatile.

3 I-Pen Digital Writer  This is a cool little item. It's sort of a mouse, but not. Actually, it's a writing utensil which immediately translates actions to the computer. Sounds complicated. Check it out. For forty bucks, some people might consider this a stocking stuffer.

4. The Live Scribe for people who didn't think the I-Pen was cool enough. The Live Scribe records everything you hear and write so you can recall anything with a simple click.

5. A Gift Card  Yeah, it feels like a cop out, but who doesn't like a gift card to their favorite book store?


Kate Jonez said...

Excellent suggestions. I'll have one of each.

Jon said...

...the only thing we missed was a Barnes and But between your knees and my back, we need to bring folding chairs next time. Folding chairs with wheels. Somebody should invent that.

Anonymous said...

I want an e-reader so bad. But I'd settle for a notebook with a pretty cover.

Steve Buchheit said...

I'm still waiting for my care package from Schenectady.

Charles Gramlich said...

I love gift cards, as long as they are to book stores.

Akasha Savage. said...

Yep. I want all of those! :D

Kate Sterling said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

I've been sitting here for the last half hour reminding myself that I'm too broke to go buy that e-reader today. I'm still not convinced... :)

Draven Ames said...

I want to check out that scribe thing. How does it work?

Cool blog!

Draven Ames

SQT said...

I have been embracing the digital revolution this year. I got an iphone and looove it. I can't afford and ipad so was debating between a Kindle and a Nook. As someone who gets review copies of books a Nook makes a lot more sense since I can download in more formats-- and you can borrow from the library if they have an online library! I went and played with the Nook color the other day and it was pretty nice, so that's my Christmas present this year. I can't wait!