Thursday, October 28, 2010


Heading out to the World Fantasy Convention, I come prepared, with a small stack of business cards that I did myself. Why not pay and have it done right? Mostly because I am not convinced people still use business cards. They don't fit anywhere, and in an age where everything is easily digitized, I think perhaps their time is at an end. Which means the most important information on a card is your email and blog address, as well as your web page.

Business cards---They're disposable. Hard to handle, easily lost, and quickly forgettable.


Angie said...

True, but they're also incredibly cheap. :) I got 250, in full color on glossy stock and such, for $25, including shipping. I still have most of them left, and since all they have are my e-mail, web site and blog (definitely agree with you there) they're still good despite the move.

Yours look good, though, so that obviously worked too. I guess it depends what you want and what kind of equipment you have.


David J. West said...

The only other thing, beside what you mentioned was I added my twitter address too.

I had about 2,000 printed up, worried that I would run out and No, I probably still have at 500 around here.

MKeaton said...

I perfer bookmarks to business cards. They don't cost me much more to print at my local printer and people tend to hang on to them longer (everybody needs bookmarks). I put the business card type stuff on one side, my book covers on the other and end up with an effective business card substitute. (That's for my writing. I still use standard business cards for my gravedigging and consulting work.)