Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Man Standing

Miranda from Battle Creek Michigan and Chuck Zaglanis were the winners in Conclave 35's LAST MAN STANDING trivia contest, and so they walk away with the prize---two death scenes in the upcoming sequel to THE RAVENING, a post-apocalyptic novel by Stewart Sternberg. And Miranda, I promise gore.
At the event, I read the passage from the upcoming novel where last year's winner, Jason Lindsey, bought the farm at the hands of the book's villain, Cameron Lowry.

The contest allowed a person to receive a question of a decade of his choice and, after hearing said question, either decide to answer or pass to someone else. Strategy, strategy, strategy. Since most of you couldn't be there, here are some of the trivia questions the winners had to fight over.

  1. One recurring character on Get Smart was an android, played by Henry Gutier. What was the name of the android?   
  2. What was the name of the atomic submarine in the television show based on the film “Voyage Beneath To The Bottom of the Sea”?  
  3. While the original Night Stalker was set in Las Vegas, and its sequel in Seattle , what town did the series take place in?
  4. This Quinn Martin, 1968 sci-fi series saw actor  Roy Thinnes portraying architect David Vincent, trying to warn the world about an alien presence?
  5. Dr. Sam Beckett is a time traveler in what series?     
  6. A dead cop is assigned by the devil to return 113 escaped souls to hell. Name the Fox show
  7.  The demon with yellow eyes is a recurring character in which CW television show?
  8. The Clone Wars television series has been extremely successful in ensuring a continued presence for Star Wars in popular culture. A new character was added to the canon, a padawan for Annakin Skywalker. What is her name?
  9. In what 1983 show would we see Dr. Jonathan Chase, crime fighter, transforming into different animals to bring criminals to justice?   
  10. Eternia is home to what sword wielding hero?

the answers are  below

1) Hymie 2)Seaview 3)Chicago 4)The Invaders 5)Quantum Leap 6)Brimstone 7) Supernatural 8)Ahsoka Tano 9) Manimal 10) He-Man


Charles Gramlich said...

Kill 'em well!

David J. West said...

I would have needed good strategy-I only knew 5 of them.