Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sweet September

Apologies for my absence from here.

I hope with the new school year starting and the imposition of a schedule, that I can return to regular postings of at least twice a week. Much of my online writing has been posted elsewhere. For instance, I've been posting a good deal to Elder Signs Press. I've been encouraging others in the writing community to join me there. It's good for self-promotion and it's a wonderful networking opportunity.

I also completed a posting about vampires for The Innsmouth Free Press which should appear this month. In October I'll do another for them about Edgar Allan Poe. Hopefully, if they'll have me, I'll continue submitting to them once a month. The people there are a good deal of fun and worth reading. I also need to contribute something soon to SQT's site.

In addition to the above, I continue pounding away at the sequel to THE RAVENING ( which is available for pre-sale on Amazon and still set for a November release date). The sequel is called THE ZAGREUS SWARM. It is gelling more readily than the first novel, and I'm hoping fans will connect with it.

 Christine Purcell and I are forging ahead on our collaboration of THE BREACH, a steampunk novel. Originally we had hoped to have it ready for submission by the end of October, but we're not sure if that's realistic now. No later than spring though. When we write it we write fast. We're hoping this is the first novel of a series.

And finally, I am still struggling to get a website together. I promise it is coming soon. I am also going to be appearing at Conclave in October, and will also be traveling to The World Fantasy Convention.



BStearns said...

Glad to see you returning to us! I should head over to Elder Signs and check out your stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Way to get the buzz going, Stewart. Spring for sure. Yay, Steampunk!

Charles Gramlich said...

Busy busy. I know the feeling. Often it's a good one though. To be productive

Kate Sterling said...

Sounds exciting, Stewart. Glad to hear you've got a lot of good things in the works. :)