Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Man In The Hat

I am still working on my website, trying to make up my mind what I want. I am not sure though how different it is having a website than having a blog. Oh it used to be tremendously different, but with the advances in blogspot and wordpress, I keep asking myself if I should be so hurried to get it done. That being said, the first Stewart Sternberg newsletter should be coming around in the next couple weeks. You'll see a button on the right here, and eventually on my website, for those who want to sign up. Also, if you want to hear my daily rants, observations, whines, tickles, and exaltations, check out my twitter account.

Finally, I have been volunteering at as a blog editor. So far I've had folks such as Lois Grech,(post upcoming), William JonesLee Clark Zumpe, Stephen Mark Rainey, Charles Gramlich, Christine Purcell, Sidney Williams, Chris Welch, Charles Zaglanis, and Theresa Lucas contributing observations, reviews, and interviews. Come to think of it, we haven't had an interview in a while. And, there is always rumor that Ferrell Moore and the elusive Rachel Gray will become involved. Don't bother looking for Rachel, she is as invisible as the late J.D. Salinger. I will be adding more contributors in the coming weeks. If you have a mind to write about genre, and you don't mind keeping company with the above names, drop me a line and we'll talk. Always looking for more voices.

Visit Elder Signs Press' blog, and listen in on the site's twitter page.


BStearns said...

Great news Stewart! Personally, I think a website is a good plan if you're really serious about branding yourself. Even just getting your own domain name and having it attached to your blogger account can do wonders. I'm sure that when your website is up and going it will look great! As for the eldersignspress, are you guys looking for people that have already written books in the genre or people to help with editing? Cheers!


Stewart Sternberg said...

B...send me an email and let's talk... stewartsternberg at

Anonymous said...

Stewart, can you tell us how the new Dark Wisdom Online will differ from the new ESP site, and/or how the two will co-exist? I am wondering about overlap. Will the ESP site be differentiated by a more casual tone/atmosphere?

Stewart Sternberg said...

Jeff, you'll have to email Chuck Zaglanis or William Jones about that for more information. I do believe the two will co-exist. I think the ESP website's redesign and blog has been established to create a sense of community.
I think you may eventually see some fiction made available through the blog. Perhaps reprints or excerpts, but at this time I can't confirm that.