Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Andy Rooney Minute

Allow me to do my Andy Rooney impersonation as I offer some quick tech thoughts

  • Why can't they create a super slender flexible I-Pad that can be folded up and shoved into one's pocket? 
  • As cell phones get smaller and smaller, I think they become more difficult to use. Either we say this is limit, or else let's just implant the damn things and get it over with.
  • Don't you hate phone apps you can download for free, or for a friendly minimum price, and then find out they're only useful with an unacceptable monthly subscription fee?
  • Video-game instructions. Really? I can't remember the last time I read them. I usually just pop the machine into the console and either work the tutorial or figure it out as I go along.
  • Some genius out there has developed an inexpensive device that lets you text while you drive by using a voice activated system. Do we really need this? How many times have you struggled with some idiot driver only to realize that they are being distracted by a cell-phone.

 By the way, allow me to introduce you to a fun guy. Brian Briggs, who runs a tech humor site and who served with me on a panel at Penguicon. It was great to meet him and great to click so fast with someone. I certainly hope he and I can swing doing another presentation somewhere together again.


Sullivan McPig said...

There's one thing I love about cellphones and that's the camera! I now always have a camera with me whereever I go. I think I use the camera more often than I use the phone to call or text with.

Jemi Fraser said...

Our family motto is often "Technology hates me/us". Love the tech toys ... when they work well! ;)

Jon said...

D'ja ever notice how when you buy a device with lots of features, you only use the most basic of them 90% of the time? I mean how often do you use your camcorder to record in slow motion, using sepia tinted, panoramic view?

Long and short? We need to stop inventing stuff. Was the world really that awful when phones were screwed into the wall, or weighed five pounds? When books were ink printed on paper? When people actually read books? When you didn't need instructions to find the "on" button? When the on button said "On." When did that function come to be indicated by a circle with a line sticking out of the top of it like a thermometer?

God, I'm old. Excuse me while I change the ribbon on my printer.

Charles Gramlich said...

I can hear Andy's voice in this.

Anonymous said...

Jon - If we stop inventing stuff, my husband will be out of a job.

Invent more stuff! Preferably electrical stuff you're planning to patent. ;)

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, they did develop the rollable iPad first. Then said, "we'll get them all to upgrade to this, let's do an inflexible one instead.