Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Writing Community

I have received word from the HWA (Horror Writers Association), that I am now an "active" member. This means I am now able to vote for the Bram Stoker award. I'm looking forward to becoming more involved with the organization, mostly because I think networking and mentoring are important to the writing community, inside and outside the genre.

As a writer I am driven to read other's work and offer suggestions, to share opportunities for submission and publication when they become known to me, and to offer encouragement when possible. Maybe it's the teacher in me. Still, I think it's hard enough to face the task of succeeding as a writer, of facing your true greatest obstacle (yourself), and the towering wall that is the world of publishing, without someone to help cheer you on and to give you a gentle push. Even if I never publish at the level I strive toward and even if the person I am encouraging has no readers other than those in a local writer's group, it's good to know that we are part of a network and community.

So let me pause and offer thanks to some people who have given me a helping hand, who keep me pushing forward. First, William and Deborah Jones, Rick Ferrell, Chuck Zaglanis and Kevin Music (we slyly call ourselves the Midwest Genre Society). Also Jon Zech (who has been with me through many writers' groups---many of which I think I had a hand in destroying) and the members of the Writers-by-the-Woods. And of course my wife Jamie, who actually likes my writing. Go figure.

It's good having friends.
And Grasshopper (you know who you are), keep your eye on the ball.


Christina said...

Major Congrats on that!! That's so great!!

You have been very helpful when it comes to offering suggestions. You got me through college with all my questions and projects I needed a pair of eyes on.

This is just great news! Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go have a drink in your honor, and then in mine for being so close to finishing my project... then I might follow it up with another drink until its a party.

Steve Buchheit said...

Woohoo! Awards and accolades at such a young age! And I think all writers out there could fill a novella with thanking all the people who helped out (one of the reasons I love writing genre).

Anonymous said...

Wow. Congratulations! I am reminded again what an amazing person you are and how lucky I am that you are part of my writing community. Which, I agree, it is a privelage to have.

Avery DeBow said...

I believe wholeheartedly that all writers should try and help one another as much as possible. It's not about getting ahead of anyone but yourself.

Congrats on the "all-in" with HWA. I hope it leads you to many good things.

Jon said...

My congratulations as well!

You are consistantly better than I tell you that you are...a better writer, a better teacher, a better friend. Print this and paste it on your wall because I'll deny it later.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Akasha Savage. said...

Congratulations Mr HWA... that is such good news. :)

Stewart Sternberg said...

Christina, it was an honor to help you through any college project.

Steve, I'll remember your love for helping other people when I'm seeking someone to help me promote my stuff.

Avery, thanks. I'll see you on facebook.

Jon, I'm consistently better than I tell myself I am. Even with a scope up my butt.

THanks Akasha

William Jones said...

This is great news, Stewart. I say go after the SFWA as well - you qualify.

And you are correct, having writers and readers to share your work with and get feedback is wonderful. I'm glad to be in one of the groups in which you're involved. Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'd be happy just to be an 'inactive' member of HWA.

We're lucky to have you as a member of WTBW. You're a great Sensei!