Saturday, January 30, 2010

Follow Me..or at least don't ignore me

The brilliance of the internet is its ability to bring people together and to create a sense of connectedness. Since I've begun to post blog entries some years back, I have made several contacts and friends through an online communication flow. Also, as a writer, I've been able to listen closely to a market base and keep an ear on what the consumer is hankering for.

Many folk will discount the importance of  Facebook or Twitter, but while some people may consider them to be a ridiculous waste of time (and they can be), if they are used intelligently, they can be a wonderful tool. For instance, I use Twitter to keep track of different news items from different groups and publishers, as well as to see what websites different writers may be trying to point people to. Furthermore, I've used Twitter to promote this blog and my educational blog. To separate Stewart-the-Writer from Stewart-the-Teacher, I have two Twitter accounts.

Twitter and Facebook have gotten some bad ink thanks to people who feel the need to update people with meaningless posts such as "I'm on my porch..." "now I'm in the livingroom" "now I'm eating burritos" and "I wish I hadn't eaten those burritos".

Before passing judgement one way or another, I urge you to explore Facebook, Ning, Twitter (at least "follow" me if you're a Twitter user) and Plurk. Me? You'll catch me on all those networks, including Masters of Horror, Crimespace, Lost Zombies , The Horror Cafe, and even The Sherlock Holmes Social Network


Akasha Savage. said...

As well as my blog, I belong to facebook and twitter ('follow' me? DebiSands). I joined both of these because I'm nosey (who isn't?)!! But mainly to get myself known out 'there' and to accumulate future buyers of my novels!!! Sneaky huh?! :D

Christina said...

I had to cut two people from my twitter for writing stuff like that. One girl wrote two words at a time for a few hours and kept posting:

"so hot" "OMG" "not cool"


I said "delete" and that was that.

Anonymous said...

I love Facebook. How else can I know what my friends are doing without having to actually talk to them. :)

Fab said...

My boyfriend wasn't that into Facebook, saying it was a waste of time and it's better to see your friends in person than virtually. But, as a movie student, he changed his mind when he started to use Facebook to contact potential actors for his short movies. He didn't figure they would reply to his messages, but he has contacted several for his director's exercises and 2/3 of the contacted actors replied and have acted in his movies. So it seems it has some merrit other than goofing off online.