Tuesday, September 22, 2009

True Blood....Maybe Next Time

Allow me to step back from all things intellectual for a moment (whew) and instead discuss the second season of TRUE BLOOD, which ended a week ago. Or if you insist on a more intellectual discussion, visit my educational blog...Sternberg's Mind Matter

For those who aren't in the know, TRUE BLOOD is based on the works of Charlaine Harris, specifically books centered around the exploits of female heroine Sookie , a waitress who has the ability to read minds. In the world created by Harris, vampires have stepped out of the closet and are now accepted, somewhat, as part of society. It's dark urban fantasy.

Now, while I haven't read any of Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, I have read some of her other efforts, and have found them to be extremely entertaining. So when I criticize TRUE BLOOD, as I am about to do now, let me say it's in no way a criticism of Harris.

That being said, the first season of this HBO special was wonderful, and I recommend it to all. You can rent it or buy it. The second season, however, was a muddle. While it started out well, focusing on the kidnapping of a vampire by a religious extremist group, it ended in what can only be described as farce, with the town of Bontempe, Sookie's home, falling under the spell of a supernatural immortal who is intent on sacrificing the local shapeshifter to the god Dionysius. Wait? What???? See what I mean? We started off with this great story about religious extremists and about the social strata of the vampire community and end up with an absurd plotline.
I'm not giving up yet on the series. I'll be there next year and hopefully, it will recapture the tension and darkness of the first year, or even of the first part of the second year. We'll see. Sophomore years are like that.


Charles Gramlich said...

Don't figure I'll watch it. I watched an episode of The Vampire Diaries and that nearly killed me.

SQT said...

Did I tell you I'm supposed to interview Charlaine Harris? I think next month next time. On Skype no less?

I haven't watched all of the "True Blood" episodes yet but it sounds like they're trying to incorporate all the story lines from the books, but they're cramming them in too quick. Overall I love the series, but like anything else, they do digress and that means the consistency does too. Hopefully the show will get back on track.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I would recommend it to you.
I still have hopes. I like Charlaine Harris and believe that if they stick to where she might have been heading that they can make this work

Sullivan McPig said...

I both read the books and saw the series and I can tell you season 2 was nothing like the book! There might have been a glimmer of the original story in there, but if you blinked once and you missed it.