Friday, May 29, 2009

North Korea

I will refrain from making a political statement here, but I must take this opportunity attack the press. 

Within the last several days, the following has either been grieviously under-reported or floated under the sight of major headlines.
-Repeated missle firings following the underground nuclear test by N. Korea
-the suicide of S. Korea's popular president
-Statements by N. Korea that the 1953 treaty that ended the Korean conflict is null and void.
-Statements by N. Korea that they consider themselves in a state of war and that certain foreign vessels, such as those navigated by the U.S. Navy are not safe in Korean waters.

Wow. You would have thought this information would have been the lead around most of the media outlets: left, right, mainstream, etc. And yet, for the last several days we've heard insignificant and ridiculous debate about Obama's Supreme Court nominee, gossip about Bristol Palin and her X, and continuous partisan coverage about why the other party is either imploding or bringing down the nation.

Silly me. I would think that the Korean issue would be enormous. I'm not saying it hasn't gotten coverage, but one would think that it would have at least been above the fold. It would also be interesting to talk about changes in Iran, such as the upcoming election and how some of the offices used to wage the campaign of the current president have been bombed.

It's time to demand more from our news sources. It's time news agencies went back to doing what they were supposed to do: serve as watch dogs and provide impartial reporting. 24 hour news channels should stop steeping news in commentary and pretending to be fair and balanced or otherwise. 

At one time, a news department wasn't expected to make money. It was a public service. It was separate from corporate influence. It's time to retain that purity.

The goings' on in Korea is big news. If a U.S. naval vessel is fired upon, there will be serious ramifications. 


SQT said...

I'll avoid getting political on this too... But it's fair to say I've heard more about American Idol (and I try to avoid hearing about that..) than I have about Korea. The press is becoming so partisan that we're lucky to get any relevant information anymore. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't scour the net and find out what's going on in the world.

miller580 said...

If I say anything it will be political. And I gave up political argument for lent. So my comment is: Que Sera, Sera!

Gwendolyn said...

As usual, you've made some good points. I agree.