Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sneering At Puppies

Some people will be posting about how lucky they are and how much there is to be thankful for. Let me buck that trend. Here is a quote for Thanksgiving.

"When you look at how minuscule and unimportant we are in light of the immensity of all existence, when you look at how even the greatest tragedy a person can experience is nothing when set against the backdrop of the tapestry that is life...when you are able to see that, you can start to realize how pointless your existence is. You can understand that you're not even fit to be a dot on an italicized 'i' We're all just the butt of some enormous colossal joke. God sits on high laughing at us all."

" don't you kill yourself?"

"Because, fortunately, I at least have a sense of humor."

So think about that when you're sitting around the table giving thanks, or when you're appreciating a Spring day, or marveling at a baby's smile. Me? I'm going to go outside and sneer at puppies.


spyscribbler said...

Oh my God, that is the CUTEST puppy EVER! Totally not your point, LOL, but... :-)

Thanks for the laugh! And it's so true: it's either a sense of humor or bitterness, I think. Happy Sneering, Stewart!

Rick said...

No wonder you're not invited to more parties.

Happy Thanksgiving, to you and Jamie!

Akasha Savage said...

That puppy is soooo cute!!

I often ask myself the question: why are we here? there actually a point to us being here? fact what's the point to anything?...why ARE we here?

Thanks for visiting the darkside.

Charles Gramlich said...

the quote is all wrong about one thing. We're hardly important enough to be a joke.

Stewart Sternberg said...

spy, it IS the cutest puppy ever. And you should see me when I'm decked out as Baby New Years with a sponge and a can of whipcream.

Rick..wait. What!

Akasha it is a cute puppy. And as for visiting the dark side...I don't visit, I'm the mayor.

Charles and I will be playing spoons in the alley behind Happy's Tavern later tonight. No admission.

Christina said...

Stewart, that's the cutest puppy ever! I just want to play with it.

That joke was pretty good. I'm trying to work on lifting my "dark side" a little. I think I bring people down.

SQT said...

Now why would you sneer at such a cute puppy? You're like my husband. You pretend to sneer but you pet the puppy when we're not looking. (My hubby actually did this today. My MIL brought her Yorkie puppy over today and my husband kept sneaking it out of the kennel. Such a cute dog...)

Stewart Sternberg said...

Christina, that is actually not the cutest puppy ever. The cutest puppy ever was Morton P. Tittlebury of 343 Glaxton in Winchestershire. From the unlikely pairing of a St. Bernard and a Jack Russell, Morton was so cute that apparently he exploded. Witnesses claim he was so cute that although the event of his demise was indeed horrific, all they could do was express themselves in a collective "a-w-w-w-w-w-w-w"

You found me out, SQT, I don't sneer at puppies. They taste too good. I like them lightly buttered, with a bit of lemon to flavor.