Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pair of Dimes

The Writer's Group will be discussing economy, which of course was the whole purpose of the "assignment". That being said, I think one of the things I am going to push is the idea that economy is about adapting a paradigm, changing how one looks at one's writing, seeing it differently. Sort of foreshortening, if I may be allowed to use an art term. That being said, here's something to look at...have a little fun.

In the image below...stare hard at the figure and she will appear to change direction, going either one way or the other.

Finally...something really stupid


Charles Gramlich said...

That first pic should be a crime.

SQT said...

I couldn't get the change of direction with the second one. I guess I wasn't staring hard enough. Do they have one with Hugh Jackman?

Jon said...

For a creative man, I must lack imagination...or the other way around. I saw an armpit, a dancer spinning one way and a sum of 4,100. How the hell would anybody get 5000 out of that?

Zoe Winters said...

That first one was COOL. hahahaha! I love that!