Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surf's Up!!!!

Can you tell something about someone by the links that sit happily in their bookmarks folder? I flipped through mine and I think the answer is: "Absolutelymaybepositivelyperhapsnonotatallldontevengothereforgettaboutit".

Um, if you need to check the spelling of that word, be aware I'm using the reformed Latin. My links tend to be dominated in three categories: film, politics, and sports. Seeing that, I was a little disappointed. Where were the lofty educational links that one expects from an educator? Where were the multitude of literary or author links that showed my devotion to writing?

I will share with you my top ten to fifteen links, to give you some insight as to how I waste um...spend my time. Some of these links aren't necessarily my time consumers but rather they sit there in bookmarks calling to me. I invite others to post your own interesting or favorite links from your bookmark folder this week.

First up? Harry Knowles. The man who created one of the best film sites based on his own fanaticism about film. He gets the best rumors and his contributors have interesting takes on what's coming out of Hollywood. The site? Ain't It Cool News. Another cool site for reviews of everything from film to dvd to games is Seriously. I love this site!

The next here? Fancast! This site, completely legal, lets you watch an enormous variety of television shows you may have missed. "Family Guy","Kitchen Nightmares", "Ghost Hunters", "Star Trek", "The Office", and at least a two hundred others, including vintage shows from the seventies and sixties.

Political junkies, or rather, left wing political junkies should be checking out this site on a daily basis. I go there about three times a day. I'm talking about
You'll have to sort through some absurdity here, but if you factcheck a bit, you'll find information that isn't covered in traditional news sources until two or three days later. If you're a right winger, you'll have to tell me what source you like to check. Not Drudge please, too often that site has given a series of false leads.

I'm a gamer. I celebrate that. I know. I know. Old fat guys with titatnium knees and thinning pates shouldn't be sitting around playing games. But dammit, I like my XBOX360. As a gamer, let me recommend this site to my fellow gamers. I am sure though, if you are a gamer, you already know it:

Want to meet people with similar interests? Want to know who in your area is a garden freak? Want to join a book group for people interested in women without teeth (just giving an example)? This is a fairly cool social site, the goal being to put you in touch with people with similar interests in your area. I like the idea because the goal is to actually meet these people. No, this is not a romantic site, although I am sure some people use it for that. Check it out:

Some people may have noticed I widget I had on my blog for a while. It tracks the price of oil. I'm sorry. It's something I pay attention to. Did you know that a recent report has shown that eighty percent of the trading going on in oil commodities is done by speculators? Did you know that eleven percent of that is held by one oil investment firm in Sweden that regularly manipulates that market. Close the Enron Loophole friends, and the price of oil will fall. I promise you. Here are my favorite three sites for keeping track of the business world and the world at large: Bloomberg News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. I am constantly reading and doublechecking news stories.

In additional to these sites, there are countless sporting sites I visit, sites dedicated to writing, and blogs. But I thought I would list these. Hope you find something interesting here. I'm interested in seeing what you come up with. I'll be visiting your blogs and watching.


Charles Gramlich said...

My links are very very different. Not one to anything about film. Not one to anything about politics. Not one to anything about business, unless you count my personal bank link as business and my university link. There's one to Headbanger's Ball, one to the Arkansas Razorbacks football program. There's Wikipedia. And the rest are to books, writers, writing markets etc. Goodreads, Bookmooch, various writer webpages, and so on. Sounds like I'm rather obsessed with books, I see. hum, oh well, I don't see that as a bad thing.

Zoe Winters said...

Basically my links list looks like a five year old finger painted on it. It is big and messy and crowded with lots and lots of links. Every few weeks I go through and delete the ones that are irrelevant to me or that I don't think I'll keep visiting.

I go in different spells but my links are largely writing, business, marketing, (yes, this is how I often spend my FREE time. I'm insane). Also Buffy, Spike, paranormal romance, bellydance, and then stuff that it's not polite to talk about in public.

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks for sharing your bookmarks...interesting. I tend to bookmark things & never go back to them again (except for the local weather site.)

fancastfan said...

My links tend to be heavy on the political stuff like Talking points memo and Altercation. And thanks for the Fancast mention! As you noted, we have, literally, thousands of hours of totally free, legal TV shows and movies. Your readers may be interested to see the library of the TV shows, I'm sure they will find something they would enjoy:) It's at
And just to alert you, tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 26th) Fancast relaunches with a new look, easier to navigate - and we incorporated some of the feedback we've gotten from users over the months, so it's going to be great. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Charlies, I'll bet our links would explode if they ever got together. Except for the writers' webpages, I have tons of those too.

Zoe, quite frankly, it's the belly dancing and the stuff you can't discuss in public which pique my interest.

Lara, I do that too to some degree. It's seeing something that might be interesting and bookmarking on the chance that we might use it, or seeing it again might spark some thought or creative notion.

Fancastfan, I'll note that tomorrow. I am an enormous fan of this site. I'll bet it has been enjoying a steady climb in popularity.

Zoe Winters said...

hehehe. I used to bellydance, but I haven't done it in awhile. When we get relocated and stuff settles down, I'd like to get back into it.

As for the other stuff...hahahahaha. I think it's one of those things people can easily pick up about me if they know me, but I don't throw it in people's faces because it can alienate some.

SQT said...

My links are totally random. Chances are, if someone makes me laugh, I'm bookmarking them.

spyscribbler said...

I don't do the whole educator links thing, either. I don't know. Blogging is my time. You can't think about teaching all the time or you'll burn out.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, Stewart. The fancast link has the potential to skewer productivity over here.

My bookmarks are really crowded. Everytime I Stumble! on something I want to blog about I bookmark it. Mostly it's industry and research links.

Vwriter said...

Cool posting again, Stewart.

I'm embarassased to say that all my links fall into four categories: writing and books, chess, esoteric arts, and competitive intelligence for my business. After reading your post, I'm thinking I ought expand my links. Show a little adventursome spirtit and visit Charles's bookmarkes, fingerpaint a few links like Zoe, and then never visit any of them ever again like Lana. Then I can be respectable like L.A.!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Spy, great statement. It is hard for me to separate things sometimes. Blogging is fun for me, but I think sometimes I wear different hats to the keyboard, even if some of those hats should be left at work.

Vwriter...Rick...hmmm. I keep waiting for that sign that pops up on the monitor "YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE INTERNET"

LA, Fancast is cool. Yep, it wants to eat your time. I think it can be tamed though.

SQT, humor is a great way to meet women. Thanks for confirming that.

Cappy said...

Harrumph. Kaff Kaff. Egad. Enron indeed. Bush manipulates the price of oil as entertainment, to keep you personally distracted. Meanwhile, UM lost YAY! and Gov. Pallin means I can enjoy a version of Tina Fey without the stupid kumbiyah/vegetarian crap.