Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zombie Freak Out

"Zombie freak out," I said.

My wife, who is used to such unprovoked outbursts, stared at the road ahead, ignoring me. The silence sat between us until she couldn't stand it any longer. "Okay," she asked. "So what's a zombie freak out?"

"I have this idea. We need to get about ten to twelve people together and dress them up as zombies."

She waited. She waited a bit longer. "And?"

"And we turn them loose in different places. Maybe one night let them wander through a car lot on a busy road; another night we could all go to the airport, maybe they can hang out in the bathroom there like Sen. Larry Craig; another night we could all go to a local McDonalds, maybe all of us just order the Apple Pie. Who knows, maybe it could get popular. We could put an ad in the local paper advertising future zombie freakouts."

She nodded. "Zombie freak out," she said. "Cool."


Another ten miles of silence. "Vampire Wilding."

She didn't ask.


Charles Gramlich said...

How about Sallee madness?

Stewart Sternberg said...

Sallee madness...I like that. It has a strange Midwestern ring to it.

avery said...

I love the apple pie idea. That would be hysterical. I'd be a bad zombie, though. I have a hard time keeping a straight face during shenanigans.

I'd nix the airport idea, though. No one has a sense of humor anymore. You'd end up down the rabbit hole.

SQT said...

I'm like Avery, I'd have a terrible time not giggling and that would be very inappropriate for a zombie.

Vampires on the other hand...

Lana said...

I had to laugh yesterday when a little boy at my library was so afraid of his costume he couldn't tell me what it was. His mom was kind enough to let me know he's going to be a zombie.
I have "Gramlich fever," if that counts for anything. ;)

Mark Rainey said...

I think it might be fun to do the zombie thing, but it wouldn't be long before the zombie posses started coming round to beat and burn, and the novelty would wear off.

Travis said...

Vampire Wilding eh?

DesLily said...

you'd better not come in my area with zombies... you're likely to get shot.. just to see if zombies really can't die.. again.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Avery, you're probably right about the airport.
Sqt...the giggling gets people every time. No giggling.

Lana I love the kid at the library story. I love kids around this time of year. Period.

Mark..yeah, it's amazing how quickly the novelty wears off. It's one reason why I stopped dressing up as a serial killer each year. I might make an exception this Halloween and dress up as Cheney.

Yes, Trav..Vampire Wilding. There's a lot at stake there.

Deslily, what's with all the zombie hatred.

Lucas Pederson said...

I'd love to be driving to work some night and see a group of zombies shambling about the tarmac of the gas station I pass by every day.
Unless, of course, I see them actually eating someone out there...then I might have to stop and honk my horn and shout something like: "Hey you zombies! Bet ya can't catch me!" Then I'd laugh hysterically, blaring my horn as I spin the car around and haul ass back home.
There...I would fortify my house, load up all my guns(I only have one..hee-hee)and defend the living at all costs! Well, to some extent anyway. :-)

Franki said...

Werewolf Wilding sounds more feral.