Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Go Away Tom

I know many people who read this blog aren't fond of my political posts. So, I'll just slip this in and then I promise, I'll do another post for the rest of you later tonight or tomorrow.

Tom Delay, the former House Majority Leader, the guy who resigned from office because of an ongoing investigation into his involvement with Abramov and other corruptions, spoke before a group of Young Republicans the other day. Ordinarily I would let this pass, but considering how hilarious and sad his statements, and considering how he remains a fixture in the national Republican party, I thought I would print this quote attributed to Delay from the The Huffington post"

"I contend [abortion] affects you in immigration," DeLay told the Washington-area gathering. "If we had those 40 million children that were killed over the last 30 years, we wouldn't need the illegal immigrants to fill the jobs that they are doing today. Think about it."

So, Tom, the implication here is that abortion is depriving the country of an underclass and makes it necessary for us to bring in illegals? Now whether you agree or disagree with abortion, I'm sure you will look at this point of view as being rather frightening.

I'm surprised Tom hasn't included a statment about genetic engineering.


avery said...

Okay. I had a statement here, and erased it because it was too juvenile. On second thought, he only deserves a juvenile response.

What a fucktard!

miller580 said...

I second that!

miller580 said...

And just think...if we had that 40 million we would have an endless supply of lives to send overseas so that the oil companies can secure their rape and pillage...because that's what pirates do right?

miller580 said...

sorry. I didn't mean to let that venom out. I think I need to start a political blog...just to vent.

Carol said...

Just another idiot Bureaucrat ignorant to what is really going wrong in this Country. (sigh)

Jon said...

Fucktard? Whew. I thought you said Fucktart and was having wonderful visions of the ad campaign for that new breakfast goody. Brought to you by the same folks who marketed "Nooners"? Yum. Fucktarts for breakfast, Nooners for lunch and what for dinner? Viagra, I guess.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes I just can't wrap my head around people's reasoning. Most often I'm glad of that.

SQT said...

That's one of those statements you just look at and say "huh?"

Followed by calling him a fucktard.

avery said...

Jon, that was funny enough that I have to add fucktart to my culinary lexicon.

Tammie Jean said...

The best part about the quote is that he ends with "Think about it," implying that everyone might have to take a moment of consideration to understand his advanced reasoning.

Frightening indeed!

M@ said...

I am pro-choice but what Tom is saying there holds credence with many Americans.

The vast majority of the 40 million aborted fetuses during the past 30 years were from white women. One group that self-aborts tends to wither and die next to the one that practices religion and produces five to six children per woman.

Disagree with the man but he's making a broader point, I think. I am an independent and I read the left and right and everywhere in between and I love to watch the leftists--they're just like Fox news!

M@ said...

Btw, Sen. Bernard Sanders (I, VT) opposed the recent "immigration reform" bill brought by the president.

He is the only socialist in the congress.

ShadowFalcon said...

next he'll bee pushing for eugenics

SQT said...

One group that self-aborts tends to wither and die next to the one that practices religion and produces five to six children per woman.

I went to school in Japan and found their abortion stance fascinating. It is legal there and not stigmatized. The average woman has 2 abortions in her lifetime. They were not in danger of dying out as a race last time I checked.

Pythia3 said...

Bravo sqt! I am pro-choice and in fact, just went through this with someone very close to me. I was sitting in the waiting room for at least six hours and thinking about how awful it is that a woman who must make this painfully difficult and personal decision and deal with the physical pain and possible complications is also shamed by societal disapproval and judgment.
Now, getting back to what Stewart wrote (BTW Hi Stewart!) Thanks for bringing this stupidity to our attention. It's scary funny and unbelievable! I am speechless.
Fucktard is the word of the day!

Anonymous said...

Well, if DeLay wants them all so bad, I say we dig up the Necronomicon and raise those forty million fetuses from the dead.

Then with our massive undead fetus army we can crush all those in our path! Sowing the seeds of our evil necromantic democracy across the land!

Then at long last Cheney might stop pretending that he isn't evil incarnate and we all might get the Bwa ha ha! from him that we've been expecting.

Yes indeed, Delay is quite the stupid ass fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I gotta admit, that was kinda weird and pretty off topic.

Sorry guys, I need to stop posting after 3am.

Still, I think if the republicans could form an undead fetus army, they would.

Crazy bastards.



M@ said...


In point of fact, you are wrong--and thanks for proving my point.

The Japanese population, while stable RIGHT NOW, is projected by demographers to fall steeply during this century, at which time this zenophobic society (ours is pretty much the least-zenophobic) would be compelled to begin importing labor from other countries to maintain the population--just as we're doing here in the U.S.

I wouldn't vote for Tom Delay and have never voted for a republican. But I do think the honesty is refreshing.

That's called "straight-talk."

M@ said...

Sqt, I've never travelled to Japan but I bet I've read more about the people than most.

If the average woman is having two abortions, that bodes not too well for their future, never mind that more and more Japanese women are forgoing marriage altogether these days.

There is little wonder Japan is hustling so much in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics--by 2030, one-third of all Japanese would be robots.

SQT said...


You are aware that Japan is severely overpopulated right? Take the U.S. population and cram it into California and you'd have an idea of how crowded it is there.

They could use with a little population thinning. But I hardly think abortion is the issue. There are major societal shifts going on that are affecting the population but they are a long way from dying out as a society.

The fact is I have been there and spent time getting to know the people and the culture. Reading about something isn't exactly the same as experiencing it. The women in Japan are beginning to realize that living as virtual slaves to their husbands is not a lifestyle they particularly like so they are not marrying at the rate they used to. Divorce is on the rise among the older generation as the men retire from work and their wives are becoming increasingly depressed because their husbands are home. That's a sad statement about the male/female interactions in that country. But I think over time the necessary changes will occur. Abortion is only one minor factor in the big equation.