Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nothing Up My Sleeve....Presto

There's a reason Dick Cheney has had a nine percent approval rating (wait, I'll let that figure sink in), the man's arrogance and probable complicity in constitutionally illegal activities will be something future history and political science classes study for years to come. Never has a vice president had this power.

I know, I know...people get bored with political posts, but I think it is worth pausing to consider a recent news story. Apparently, in an attempt to block the government process that allows checks and balances and oversight, Cheney had declared his office is not part of the executive.

I'll let that sink in.

Furthermore, the president has agreed with him.

One wonders therefore which part of government Cheney considers himself to be part of. The legislative? The Judicial?

Perhaps he is planning a new layer? The monarchial branch?

Hey Dick, have you read this? It's from the Constitution:

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows---

The story broke when Cheney threatened to axe the agency that monitors national security documents (I didn't think he had that power). Apparently they have been trying to get information from since 2003, when he stopped providing them what they wanted. why does that sound familiar? Ah, isn't that when we started our attack on Iraq????

So how would the rightwing conservatives answer this? I went to the National Review...nothing. I went to the Wall Street Journal....nothing. I swung by NewsMax, another right zilch. What about The Spectator? No. Fox? I was astonished to see that their website covered the story. Well, at least sort of, Fox gave it a paragraph on their website burying it in the political section (compared to a massive column with links raging at a disputed story which, according to right wing Sen. Inhoffe [the man who believes global warming is a worldwide left wing conspiracy] Boxer and Clinton made about right wing radio---three years ago)

I'm done ranting for now.

At least I didn't mention Ann Coulter.


Lori Witzel said...


I was fine, controlling my shared ire, focusing on my breathing, telling myself that it's not good for my health to let Dick get to me...

...and then you had to go and mention HER.

How did we get to a place in time where people in power have so little shame about trying to gut our lovely system for their own ends?

miller580 said...

OK, heard this yesterday and have been chomping at the bit. Not because the concept of him NOT being in the executive branch...but because of the lack of moral and intelectual outrage. In fact, at first, I thought that I smoked too much pot in my government class and I was wrong because the only the lefties were talking about it. Then I started to listen a little closer as to how much money or Non executive was making these days....between 30 and 100 million. (thats how he claims it). If only I could be so vague when reporting MY income to the IRS. That's not even talking about his role in HALIBURTON. (did you know they get 95 million a year to maintain GITMO) I will let that set in a minute. 95 million to maintain a prison for roughly 300 prisoners.

I have to stop now because my thoughts are unfocused and my vision is blurring. A side effect to high blood pressure.

I simply want to know when this man will be impeached and tried for crimes against America?

By the way, you know that little conspiracy theory I proposed? (dictator Cheney) here is the link I was talking about...on white

White House

Travis said...

I typed a very long ranting comment. Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I don't comment on political posts.

There are still people out there - apparently between 9 and 26 percent of Americans - who actually believe that our freedoms should be diminished and our constitution abolished in the name of fighting the war on terror.

The mind boggles.

spyscribbler said...

But that can't be, because I thought Bush changed the Executive branch to the Monarchial branch ages ago. Didn't he?

I'm just squeezing my eyes shut until they get out of office.

Jon said...

The alternating Monarchy:
Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton/Bush (Jeb)/Clinton (Chelsey)

miller580 said...

OK...I am forced with Bush, Clinton, Bush...I will tolerate another Clinton but its gotta stop there!

Daddy was Bad and Junior is worse (to say "worse is an understatement" is in itself an understatement) then I don't want to see what a third Bush can do.

I'm with you Travis, but if you don't let it out sometimes...your eye starts to twitch and you get a deadly case of the hiccups.

SQT said...

Ahhhh, now I know why I'm twitching.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Here, is from the Post...

A massive piece in Sunday's Washington Post reveals the true extent of secrecy Vice President Dick Cheney requires.

So clandestine is the Vice President's work that he has created a new secret document designation: "Treated As: Top Secret/SCI."

That's not all: the piece also reveals that Cheney keeps 'man-size' Mosler safes on hand for "workaday business" and has destroyed all Secret Service visitor logs, in addition to already refusing to comply with a national security directive issued by President Bush, which RAW STORY first reported earlier this week.

Not only does he refuse to give the names of his staff, Cheney won't even disclose how many people he employs.

"Across the board, the vice president's office goes to unusual lengths to avoid transparency," the Post article says. "Cheney declines to disclose the names or even the size of his staff, generally releases no public calendar and ordered the Secret Service to destroy his visitor logs."

"Stealth is among Cheney's most effective tools," the piece adds. "Man-size Mosler safes, used elsewhere in government for classified secrets, store the workaday business of the office of the vice president. Even talking points for reporters are sometimes stamped "Treated As: Top Secret/SCI."

"Experts in and out of government said Cheney's office appears to have invented that designation, which alludes to "sensitive compartmented information," the most closely guarded category of government secrets," the Post adds. "By adding the words "treated as," they said, Cheney seeks to protect unclassified work as though its disclosure would cause "exceptionally grave damage to national security."

The Post intimates that Cheney's office is like a black hole -- everything goes in, but nothing comes out.

"In the usual business of interagency consultation, proposals and information flow into the vice president's office from around the government, but high-ranking White House officials said in interviews that almost nothing flows out," the Post reporters note. "Close aides to Cheney describe a similar one-way valve inside the office, with information flowing up to the vice president but little or no reaction flowing down."

miller580 said...

It makes you wonder just how crazy the "conspiracy x-file" types are. Maybe it is us complacent sleepy ones that are crazy?

Anyway, I need to go watch some tv brain hurts.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Houston, we've got a problem.

Travis said...

This is NOT what the founding fathers had in mind.

Cappy said...

I've noted the dull succession of Clintons and Bushes recently too.

But seriously, folks, back in the day I used to think Cheney was a more serious version of Bob Newhart on the loose in Washington. Given the left wing's hatred of America and Americans I now find Cheney a needed antidote to this attitude and approve of his objectives. Save the blather about the usual liberal tripe: gun control, shame, third-worldies, furry woodland creatures, etc. I live in a major Blue midwestern city untouched by Republican control for eons, and see the wrecked schools and lawless life the liberals so love, and have fostered.

Also, after Ann Coulter rips a new one, and a few days pass I find myself in agreement with her. The world would be a better place if the terrorists were forcibly converted to another religion. Pretty much any other religion.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Ah Cappy, the left wing hatred of America? I've never seen that. Maybe the left's hatred of the right. Okay. But why do people from the right always feel the need to throw a quick cliche that they've heard and blindly accepted? Interesting too that instead of addressing the issue at hand (Cheney's misuse of his office) that you cloud the issue with the usual blather about the left.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Oh, and Cappy? If you return to actually address the issue of transparency in government, can you do so without attacking Clinton? I've noticed that's another ploy. For instance: "Maybe the attorney general did screw up but what about Clinton?"
and "Sure there weren't weapons of mass destruction, but what about Clinton?"

sigh...who would Jesus bomb?

Turnbaby said...

"The streets in our country are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might, and our Republic is in danger -- yes, danger from within and without. We need law and order. Without law and order, our nation cannot survive."

Who wrote the above? It's an easy one but I am guessing Cappy doesn't know.

I have a blood pressure headache now brought on by the fact that we live in a country that cares more about Paris Hilton's next fart than the fact that we yes WE have allowed this "decidership" to continue as unabated and unexamined as it has.


miller580 said...

At first I thought Cappy was just messing with Stewart, but then I realized he was serious. I realized he believed what he wrote. And you know what, my bleeding liberal heart nearly broke with anguish. I feel so bad that there are so many people out there afraid to think for themselves and would rather spout of the same punch line hateful rhetoric they heard on Fox.

And this is being said by a former Republican. Thats right folks, I am publicly admitting my right leaning tendencies. But I saw the light, turned away from the dark side. Twas lost but now I'm found. Was blind but now I see.

Here is a lesson Cappy, one that you won't learn from the TV or media blow hard (right or left).

Nope this one comes from the constitiution of the u.s.


Section 1 -- The President and Vice President

1. Executive power given; term of office.
The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected as follows. "

Your exact words Cappy: "I find myself in agreement with her. The world would be a better place if the terrorists were forcibly converted to another religion."

Lesson 2: The amendment that allows you to type your opinion and kneel in your church also applies here:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

History lesson over. You probably won't even get this because you are off to other sites spreading your hate filled ignorance.

miller580 said...

Sorry Stewart. This is why I need to stay away from politics.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Actually, it's good to have an outlet some times, Jim. No apology needed. I am glad you mentioned the quote Cappy gave from Coulter, it shows that it's difficult to talk to people whose thought process is so fundamentally unAmerican. Sad.

I think I am going to vent my spleen politically at least once a week. There is a new story breaking that shows the justice department has failed to act on a request to deal with the Cheney refusal..the request made some five months ago.

Kate S said...

Thanks, Stewart. Now I have a headache. :P

Vwriter said...

Having worked in Canada for many years, I have seen close up the benefits of an effective third party. Liberals and Conservatives are forced to compete for national ridicule with a third political group called the NDP. Despite Canada's impressive track record, I believe that there is a better third party for the US than Canada's pick. It is now largely defunct, but supported in spirit by many free thinkers who hope to be relieved of the wholesale castigation and caricaturizations of key political figures of both spectrums. I humbly suggest that if we were to support this third party, the vicious rantings of left and right would blend to a marvelous shade of harmony.

This movement, which I hope will gain enough support to one day appear on ballots across our great country is known as the "Free Pony and Ice Cream Political Party."

Here, in precis format, is its platform:

"As a political party, we expect to create a large following, due primarily to the two promises that we will put forth on the campaign trail. If our candidate is elected (we have yet to choose a candidate, however don't be surprised if you see a parakeet named Gigi on the ballot, or a cantaloup named Banjo), we will immediately deliver one pony to every family in the nation (size and color at our discretion).

93% of the ponies will be well bred and of good temperment. We will also supply ice cream to every family on the third Friday of each month (ice milk and fat free will also be available). The ice cream will be delivered in cartons and it will always be fresh and tasty.

With the exception of these two distribution programs all other elements of government will be eliminated. With the presence of ice cream and ponies we see no need for these other organizations.

Scientific research has shown that ice cream and ponies are loved by millions. Class warfare and racial strife would be tremendously decreased by the simple satisfaction most Americans would receive from our two programs.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!
We do not promise you satisfaction, it's guaranteed!"

Imagine a world where Dick Cheney and Karl Marx could ride ponies side by side and eat ice cream. If only Walt Disney were alive to bring us together and perhaps be our first candidate.

And you, Stewart, thought I had no interest in politics!

Stewart Sternberg said...

No Rick, it's not that I feared you had no interest in politics, it's that I feared that someday you would give it voice.

I rather like the idea of free pony rides.

SourDad said...

Even my kid knows the man's an ass.
the vice president is evil

ShadowFalcon said...

oh dear, well he is rather aptly named..dick...what more can you expect

Emory Rundle said...

I always knew that Dr. Evil (Dick) and his little puppet (George) were up to no good.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Since I've posted this the media has started covering it. Sadly, little will come of it. Except that I am sure that when the campaign is in full swing and the candidates choose running mates, that people will give more scrutiny to who the VP is.

miller580 said...

"Except that I am sure that when the campaign is in full swing and the candidates choose running mates, that people will give more scrutiny to who the VP is."

You said that with a straight face? Really?