Friday, June 29, 2007


Jon and I studied the price of gas.

"There has to be a better way," he said. I nodded and pulled a page from a magazine from my pocket. He raised his eyebrows. I shrugged and said: "I come prepared."

"So what is it?" he asked.

"When gasoline hit three dollars a gallon..."

"When the 'forces that be' determined it would cost that," he interrupted with bitterness. "Lord knows they don't follow supply and demand. That they actually closed a refinery in Bakersville to keep their profits up. I think..."

"Anyway," I said, taking back the conversation, "I came across this article."

Jon took the paper from me and skimmed it. "This was written three years ago."

"I know, but I've been keeping up on it. They have plants that are producing this, showing that it is feasible and maybe desirable to use garbage to create crude. Right now the cost is probably about sixty dollars a barrel. Oil is around seventy dollars a barrel. If the Bushies took the money going into Iraq for one year and mandated a "Manhattan Project" style effort to find an alternative form of energy (and I'm not talking about ethanol--all that does is drive up our food costs), I think we could be energy independent in the next few years, not in the next few decades."

"In a country where the corporations rule and the interests of Wall Street are held above the interests of the people, you can't possibly think any of this could come to pass."

"I can dream," I said.


spyscribbler said...

Wow, Stewart! That's a great solution. And we'd be doing something with our garbage, rather than letting it sit and spoil the environment.

Cool post, really cool post!

avery said...

I think They're just waiting for everyone else to go down with the ship. Sure, we'll all partially drown, but, They'll be the least wet of everyone -- and in control of what's left.

Sidney said...

My wife reads the blog ( of some people who are about to start traveling to promote the use of vegetable oil. They will go in a modified SUV and I think it will run on old cooking oil etc. It's definitely time to get creative

DesLily said...

heck, for getting "around town" (not travel) every city should go back to horse and carriages! With only special roads that lead to highways for "travel".. that would cut down gas and pollution!

Vwriter said...

One of my mentors was a man named Sandy Stewart, who was chariman of the Electrolyzer Corporation in Etobicoke, ON Canada. He devoted his life to his vision of a hydrogen economy, and I was fortunate enough to be working on projects with him when he initiated a program for fueling buses with clearn hydrogen fuel. He was known throughout Canada and much of the world as "Mr. Hydrogen." Sandy Stewart was a visionary for environmentally friendly, non-fossil fuel based energy.

Hydrogen is a clean, abunduntly accessible fuel via a variety of methods, including catalysis and electrolysis, to name two commonly known techniques.

Sandy told me during a discussion twenty years ago that the world could easily be weaned from oil dependence for vehicles if resources could be devoted to the implementation of a hydrogen infrastructure. I asked him at that time why it was that if he was correct, it was not happening.

He gave me an interesting explanation. He said, people are more interested in politics than in science. "Have you ever seen," he asked, "a fundraiser for a scientist?"

Travis said...

I've never heard of this - I have got to get my eyes open a little bit more.

Cappy said...

You can't recycle garbabe into anything else. That would remove the New York Times from circulation.

Tammie Jean said...

We have a garbage-burning plant near us that produces electricity. I haven't heard of using garbage to create crude. That sounds promising...