Sunday, June 03, 2007

Double Secret Probation

I think these kids should be placed on "DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION", Mister!!! Weighing in as a teacher, I'm not sure what else to say.

3 arrests as school food fight 'got out of hand'

Is the headline of a story by Dan Rozek of the Sun Times. According to the article, three students were recently arrested as a school food escalated into an unruly mess (is there any other kind?). According to Rozek, things began innocently enough, with a senior hurling his french fries across a cafeteria at West Aurora High School in Aurora, Illinois.


Madness ensued, with everything from pizza to slushies being launched. But the law came down and while students ducked for cover or tried to flee the area, a local police officer and several school officials tried to restore order. Furthermore, the police officer received a minor injury during the event as well as one school official..

According to Rozek's article: "At least "several hundred" students appeared to be involved, a law enforcement source said.

School officials reacted by shutting down the cafeteria for the final days of the school year."

Mike Chapin, a spokesman for West Aurora School District 129. was quoted as saying:"There will be consequences for the students involved." Several dozen seniors believed to be involved in the fight will be barred from Tuesday's graduation ceremony.

Okay, let me say it: this isn't funny.


Fab said...

No. Not funny. Not at all for the officers injured at the scene. Shame about the food as well. There are starving children in the world who'd love a slice of pizza or some french fries or two ... Still, they got as a result early vacation. That's something. Or was that their plan all along?

Fab said...

Still would have liked to have seen the law enforcement try and stop that food fight. Better them than me!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Fab, except for the cop getting injured, and I have to assume he probably ended having something bounced off his head, the absurdity of this situation provides some great visuals. I showed the story to my kids. They were amazed.

This wouldn't have happened in Detroit. Someone would have thrown a milk carton and then someone else would have shot it out of midair.

Jon said...

Forty years ago this would have ranked as the top school disaster of the year. And nothing much would have been done about it more than barring some from the ceremony. And all the parents would have chuckled.
Come on. Children with assault rifles...that's outragious. Pelting with french fries? Not so much.
I'm also not one who quotes, "Children in Sudan are you spinach." Deal with the genocide and the spinach will take care of itself.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Deal with the genocide and the spinach will take care of itself. Words to live by. Words to live by.

SQT said...

Deal with the genocide and the spinach will take care of itself.


This story baffles me on so many levels. The guy who shot up Virginia Tech was a scary S.O.B by all accounts but nothing was really done. But a food fight rates massive police response and barring from the graduation ceremony? Something is slightly askew here.

DesLily said...

... then again, maybe they were letting out all of their stresses from always hearing news reports of school shooting and riots and such..? Well.. ok, so it probably wasn't...but it's a thought.

Christina said...

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be caught up in a food fight. Now that I'm getting older *cough cough* I start to think of all the places you have to clean to get the food off you, such as behind your ears, maybe inside your ears, odd spots around the neck... and how long will it take before you stop actually smelling like the food? What seemed like fun so long ago just really lost its edge.