Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Assignment: I Have Seen Things In Shadow

The assignment was to take the phrase: "I have seen things in shadow that should not be seen by light of day" and write something using the phrase in the work or as a title. Limit 500-1500 words. Then, pick ten words and replace them using a thesaurus. The goal was to work on word usage and to make people more aware of their word selection.

Here are the offered assignments. Please go and enjoy them, offer constructive feedback. I will post links as received through Friday morning. If I have missed anyone, drop me a line.

Stewart Sternberg's short work about a soldier caught in by an IED in Iraq

Jon Zech's story about something in the woods

Donkey's Heart of Darkness dealing with the despair of the third world

Deslily writes about slipping into madness and isolation

Travis serves up the world of shadow through a snippet about vampirism

A dark shop that deals in shadow from "A Wee Cuppa Tea"

SQT has given us a story about my favorite theme: Redemption. And a character named Father Stewart. Gotta love it.

GUGON has made a return and given us something in a Lovecraftian vein..I hope Gugon makes an appearance this coming Thursday

This last one is from Jon The Intergalactic...not really fitting in to the assignment, but I'm posting this as a fun example of pulp, something I am working on capturing right now. So Jon, thanks for the inspiration.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Stewart, I published mine. Please follow the link and enjoy.

Gledwood said...

Hi what's this thing on your other blog that "no posts match my request" I don't get that..? Does that mean you only posted one thing there or something>>...?
I'm here via sqt's blog I saw your face with such funky lettering around and thought I must pay this man a visit. And hey at least I found someone with a point of view. Nice one. If you wanna drop by mine you're most welcome I'm at gledwood2.blogspot - come by any time you like, say hi. Hope to see you there soon ... but whatever take it e.z.
all the best
"vol 2" ..