Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Announcement

A while back I announced having one story accepted into an anthology to be released later this summer. I can now announce the title. No one will be surprised that it has the word "Cthulhu" in it. Yes, Chaosium, the company responsible for the role play game "Call of Cthulhu", also publishes fiction for mythos lovers. Aside from a few of Chaosium's gaming manuals I have some of the other anthologies they've pubished: "The Cthulhu Cycle: Stories of the Cthulhu Mythos" as well as "The Hastur Cycle", "Arkham Tales".

Now Chaosium is publishing a new title, with mythos stories set in somewhere in the early American landscape. The title is "FRONTIER CTHULHU", edited by William Jones. My story "Children Of The Mountain" will appear in the collection.

So in addition to looking for my story "The Others" in "High Seas Cthulhu" published by Elder Press, you can also look for "Children of the Mountain" in "Frontier Cthulhu".

I'm starting to see a trend developing here. So for those of you keeping score:

"Fishing with The Little People" online at
"God" online at
"The Others" in the upcoming "High Seas Cthulhu" by Elder Signs Press
"Children of the Mountain" in the upcoming "Frontier Cthulhu" by Chaosium


avery said...

That's great, Stewart. I'm glad you're getting out there and infecting -- ahem -- enlightening the populace! Congrats, man.

Fab said...

Good to hear about it, Stewart. I would very much like to read the story. I'm a bit curious.

Vwriter said...

Congratulations, friend!

Stehpen King and Dean Koontz should be looking over their shoulders right about now.

spyscribbler said...

So cool! That's awesome, Stewart!

Sidney said...

I wish I could come up with a really clever pun using Cthulhu, but the well is dry at the moment.

Perhaps drained by a large, tentacled being from outer space.

Great news about the story.

DesLily said...

can you see me smiling for you? no?.. can you hear me clapping for you?.. well damn!... I am!

Charles Gramlich said...

Hey, great news. The stories are starting to hit and that's excellent. Will both of the cthulhu ones be offered on Amazon? I'd like to pick them up.

Travis said...

Congratulations Stewart!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Avery, thanks for the support. Fab, I hope you enjoy it. There are a couple of stories on this blog that I am proud of...also I am looking forward to who contributes to the assignment: I have seen things by darkness that I should not have seen by light of day..or something like that.

Rick, they don't have to worry about looking over their shoulders. It would be a violation of the court injunction against me.

Spy, thanks.

Sidney, what rhymes with CTHULHU? You you. Silly. No, really.

Deslily, thanks.

Charles, they should be available on AMAZON. I think too that High Seas Cthulhu will be available later this year at Barnes and Noble and Borders. I am not sure how distribution works.

Kate S said...

Now see, earlier you were upset because you thought you were not going to be published, now look at you go.

So happy for you, and so well deserved.

sfgirl said...

Awesome! Congratulations, Stewart. I'm a short story writer myself and I sure know the warm feeling of finding a home for those stories. You can find one of mine, "Mark of a Genius" online at Scifidimensions. Come visit my blog, I'm the Alien Next Door (