Saturday, April 14, 2007

Those Wacky Right Wingers

Ah those wacky right wingers. In the last few months they've been deliriously creative, and is there anything more frightening than when the right tries to be creative? Right now, they're launching Conservapedia . Apparently Wikipedia is just too liberal for these folks. And we all know how the right loves to attempt to control the media, so at least at this new "online encyclopedia", they can. They can rewrite history to their hearts' content. You can hear Dick Cheney whispering "Be still my heart".

Want to see a Conservapedia entry? Here's one on unicorns. Betcha didn't know their existence was considered controversial.

"The existence of unicorns is controversial. Secular opinion is that they are mythical. However, they are referred to in the Bible nine times,[1] which provides an unimpeachable de facto argument for their once having been in existence. Christian apologists have advanced various arguments that the biblical unicorn was not a fantasy animal. [2][3]

In the original texts, unicorns go by the Hebrew name Re-em whereas the Greek Septuagint used the name Monokeros.[4] Unicorn itself is Latin. All three names mean “one horn“."

And they can't stop with Conservapedia...they have to make sure they have a conservative friendly video site, one that can rival Ladies and gentlemen, for the mindless among you, I introduce: QubeTV

Ah yes, according to its founder: Not just another political site, Qube TV will offer many topics such as: sports, entertainment, video games, books, music and religion. "If some young conservative guy wants to pour out his soul about finding a young conservative girl—we want him to come and set up his own space and pour out his rightward heart!" Ah, those wacky conservatives.

Will there be standards? (this is my favorite quote):

"And if some al-Qaeda type sends footage of an American kid being killed, unlike the New York Times, we will have the common sense and decency to get the thing removed ASAP…as conservatives we are big believers in the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment."

So, if some Al-Queda type (that tends to be Conservative code for "liberal") wants to express a different viewpoint then forgetaboutit. Conservatives love the first amendment, but only as it's applied to conservatives. See how that works?

Okay...if you all behave yourselves....if you are all very very good...I'll do a posting about the conservatives' Purity Balls.


Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Stewart! Always enjoy your writing and missed you! Glad you are back. I just ran over and read GOD. Really got a kick out of it, too! I tell ya, that God is somethin' else, ain't he?

Sphinx Ink said...

Really intense pic you have illustrating the entry. Brilliant! And, as you say, those right-wingers love the Constitution--as applied to them. As applied to those who disagree with them, well, those nasty people aren't entitled to Constitutional rights, eh?

ShadowFalcon said...

How can anyone live without Wikipedia?

Charles Gramlich said...

Surely you jest! Tell me you're jesting. This can't be real. Can it?

SQT said...

The existence of unicorns is controversial.


I don't even know what to say.....

Grosse Pointe Militiaman said...

You haven't been to ground zero have you, Stewart?

spyscribbler said...

Ugh. Ick.

Stewart Sternberg said...

donetta, thanks for coming back. And thanks for reading GOD.

Sphinx, I have been painfully apolitical on this blog. I have tried to repress that part of me which is an old fashioned hell raising political activist. Not sure I can do that anymore.

shadow, these people are amazing. Narrowminded. Medievil. Rightwingers...they are fundamentalist, and every bit as dangerous as the fundamentalists of other religions that they decry.'s all very real. Hence the links I provided.

SQT...these people are whackos. Wait until you read the posting coming for tomorrow on the PURITY BALLS.

Grosse Pointer..I live in Algonac, which while not ground zero, it's damned close.

And finally, Spyscribbler...ugh is right. Or the right are UGH ICK

Bond said...

Huh? They believe in the First Amendment, but will not post anything that offends their sensibilities? OK, now that might keep me up all night long.

Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH today. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Sidney said...

What a coincidence. Wayne gave me a t-shirt with that Liberty image on it.