Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Assignment: Dangerous Lines

DANGEROUS LINES...you know what they are; the words we speak which push us from our comfort zones. They are the lines we can't get back once spoken. Or else they're the paths we take that lead us over the edge, crossroads which will never return to the road not taken.

The assignment was to write a short work exploring conflict without breaking the surface tension. The goal was to work on conflict to aid in plot and character development, but to do so in a controlled manner that will keep us from beating the reader over the head.

Below are the assignments as they come in. Please feel free to visit the links and give feedback to those who may have participated. Give them feedback on whether or not they accomplished whatever goal you think they may have set out on; maybe discuss their word choice or use of dialogue.

First up? Lucas Pederson's "Dangerous Lines: A Search For A Beloved Heart"
Next, SQT delivers up her own Dangerous Lines
Somewhere in the post of the day, below the American Idol stuff you'll find Bond's contribution.
Zech is back...back in rare form...Dangerous Lines from New Baltimore.

tomorrow...I'll add more contributions along with my own.


etain_lavena said...

I saw it, but how did I miss it....ahhhhhh and I so enjoyed it last time:(....o well I will read the others....yay:)

Fab said...

I just read Lucas' assignment. It really good. The brother thinks he's weakend by love, the other considers it his strength. Powerful. The struggle between two worlds.

Bond said...

Sir, My apologies for misspelling your name TWICE.

It has been corrected.