Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rod's Butt

Saturday afternoon. I'm not going to get too serious here. However, the other night I watched a dvd of Rod Stewart's last concert with The Faces. We're talking seventies here, as Rod's solo career was taking off. You know: "Maggie May," "Every Picture Tells A Story". The film quality was horrible, the sound sucked. If you want to watch a decent concert video, stay away from this one.

However, the one thing that amazed me was Rod Stewart's Butt. Notice it deserves its own capitalization. I had never seen him in concert, and as I watched him prance on stage, I was awed by the number of butt shots. I mean, several times through the concert, he actually turned his back to the audience, bent over and wiggled it, keeping the moon going for an amazing period of time. I half expected him to put a microphone up to his derrière and start singing through his sphincter.

I guess the emphasis of butt was for the benefit of the ladies. I must admit they responded well to the various wiggles, grinds, flexes, etc. However, as a fan of rock, I found myself mongoose mesmerized. I tried to imagine Meatloaf doing such moves. It hurt me. I tried picturing David Bowie giving butt. More pain. What about Ozzi Osborne? I went blind. Lar's from Metallica? I've lost a slice of my life. Bono? NO!!!!

The only other male performer whose butt received such attention was George Micheal (I could mention Marilyn Manson's butt, but I don't think that one counts) . Of course, George wore tight fitting jeans. Rod wore bright yellow jumpsuits and tartan scarves. We could mention Prince here, but Prince's Butt never seemed to take center stage like George's and Rod's.

Some of you will doubtless be asking: Why were you looking at Rod Stewart's Butt in the first place. Well, because it was there. And it sang. It even did harmonies.


Matt said...

That George Michaels likes he some weed!

Kate S said...

(wiping away tears from laughter)

Oh, god, Stewart. I don't know whether to thank you for the laugh, or put out a hit on your for the mental images.

Travis said...

You're in a strange place today. Enjoy it!!

DesLily said...

ummm, last i checked I'm female, but I can't say I ever took notice to Rod Stewarts butt..though I did notice his voice which i liked very much.

the only butts I notice (and mostly because it's there so much) is in your favorite.. sports figures!.. etc, oh and male skaters.. yes, male skaters have nice butts . So there, I do notice.. just not Rods lol.

strange.. i never took you for a butt man! *laughing and shaking head*

Lucas Pederson said...

Arg! Pop stars! Death of the music industry! Rod isn't a bad singer, George Micheals, not a bad singer, but do I enjoy their music? Nope. Pop music, in my opinion, is for the girls, some of them anyway. The teens, lets put it that way.
Like you Stewart, I would have a real hard time seeing Ozzy Osborne wiggling his rump at the crowd. If that ever happens I think I'll have to kill somebody. Great post by the way.

Anonymous said...

It did harmonies. Were you watching Pink Flamingoes and you thought it was a Rod Stewart movie? Funny post, Stewart. When you let your hair down, you let it way down.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I was once listening to one of his albums - loved his voice - and both my daughters pounced on me simultaneously.

"Mom! Do you know what they found when they pumped out his stomach? How can you listen to that guy?"

It was one of the few instances when they acted in harmony, despite which, I went on listening to his amazing voice.

Stewart Sternberg said...

George Michaels likes he some weed..and George likes him some boys. God bless him.

Kate, I like the mental images...some butts weren't meant to be seen. I can think of a few more rockers: Keith Richards immediately comes to mind; then there's Lemmy from Motorhead or the collective butts of the Barenaked Ladies.

Travis, friend, I have been in a strange place since I was born. You're just starting to get a feel for the real me.

Deslily, maybe I'll do a posting about sports butt some time later. However, I am not a butt man. Not even necessarily on women. I like other parts that start with "B". I'll stop here before I get in trouble.

You know who annoys me these days, Lucas? Justin Timberlake. I really don't like him. I had hoped we were through with him when that teeny bopper group dissolved and he did his Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction thing.

God, gem, I only wish I had hair to let down.

Hearts, what is it that they pumped out of his stomach? I ask with a wince and not sure I want to know expression.

Lucas Pederson said...

Yeah. Justin Timberlake can implode in on himself for all I care. I am so sick of him. But, I guess we're stuck with him until he either breaks a nail or, yes, implodes. I cringe everytime I hear his voice. To me it's like fingernails raking down a chalk board. Awful!

Donnetta Lee said...

Ah, Maggie May. I was in college then. I liked Rod's music then. Didn't think much about his butt. Still don't. Still like the music, though. You can write about just nearly everything, Mr. Stew! Donnetta

SQT said...


I was never into Rod's Butt, or his hair. The rest of the images are too disturbing to talk about. Lars Ulrich? I think I may go blind.

Funny funny post though..

Turnbaby said...

I have seen Rod's butt live --it was quite nice.

Hehehe Stewart--what were you doing this afternoon? What do you do during football season? Hmmmm?

miller580 said...

Not that I WANT to contradict you, butt...I remember seeing something by Prince live on tv (pre-janet jackson) AMA or Grammies or maybe the was around the time of the Batman soundtrack...anyway, he prances on stage starts his song and turns his back to the audience and low and behold two ass cheeks poking out of his assless pants. There for the world to enjoy. So you need to keep Prince in there with Rod the bod.

Kate S said...

Keith Richards' butt? I guess I'll see you in hell, Stewart. The last drop of life has left my soul.

russkal said...

Just when I thought that the only rockers who are not ashamed of flashing their butts are beavis and butthead.

Your post 'crack'ed me up! Got to leave all those images 'behind' before i sleep though, else my wife will call me an 'ass' if i dreamt of Rod Steward and I 'cornholing'


Stewart Sternberg said...

Justin Timberlake can implode? Talk about imagry. You know Lucas, it might be therapeutic for you to sit down and try and embrace music you hate. May I suggest a playlist including Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton (yes, she has music out), Fifty Cent, Celine Dion, and Conway Twitty?

Donetta, when Maggie May came out I was sixteen or seventeen, losing my virginity to a twenty one year old married woman whose husband would have ordered a hit on me. Sigh..memories..

I don't want to think of being into Rod Stewart's butt SQT, thanks for that particular phrasing.

Hey, Turnbaby, football season brings its thrills. I am not homophobic. I'll admire one man's butt along with the next fellow, but Rod had to see the concert.

You know, Jim, I remember the Prince butt stuff now that you bring it up. Guess I repressed it. I also repressed the bathtub stuff he did. I was always stunned that women liked him. I am always stunned by what women like, to be honest.

Kate, Keith's butt is part of nature. Let's embrace it.

Ruskall, if you dream of Rod's butt you deserve anything that befalls you. Thanks for stopping by.

miller580 said...

I must have repressed the bathtub stuff, because I have no idea what you're talking about. And I don't think I want to know. :)

jedimerc said...

I am proud to say I never looked at Rod Stewart's or George Michael's derriers...

I did leer at Madonna in the 80's but heck, I was a teenager, what was I supposed to do, enjoy the music? :)

mrs. sternberg said...

For some reason, that picture reminds me of my husband in his underwear.

No, not the picture of George Michael.

I'm not sure who gave Mr. Stewart the apellation 'Rod the Bod.' I've seen better bodies on middle-aged auto workers.

You know, David Bowie's but wasn't so bad...

Although I would prefer to see my husband in his underwear.


Mrs. Sternberg
Queen of the Cult of Sternberg

Lee said...

I saw Barry Manilow on something recently and he turned around and wiggled his little white sheathed butt at the ladies (hmmm...or maybe men). They squealed encouragingly. I couldn't decide which was worse to look at; his butchered face scares the hell outta me.

Odat said...

Thanks for visuals..I love men's butts, some better than others...hehe.

The Sarcasticynic said...

For what it's worth, Pat Benatar used to show off her butt a lot during her live concerts in the '80s. Now THAT was entertainment.

For more fun with men's butts, (wow - that was kind of creepy,) please see:

SQT said...


Is is me or has Barry Manilow become an anorexic female?

lee said...

What is it with Americans and the word BUTT?? ;). That sounds too nice. Now which sounds more raunchy -buttocks or bum?? If you say "Rod Stewart's bum", it sounds a bit naughtier , don't you think?? ;) :).

etain_lavena said...

whahahahahah....I would not appreciate seeing Rod's butt either....hmmm....can't think of any butt that I would enjoy seeing singing.....only comic relieve:)

ShadowFalcon said...

your lucky to have survived with your vision intact!

Avery said...

Poor Lemmy. He just might have a good rear, but the world will never know; those moles stop one from looking anywhere else.

Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow have morphed into one another. They're practically interchangeable. And, yes, they both look like someone's middle-aged mother. So does Stephen Tyler, come to think of it.

As for that mini-megalomaniac Lars, the only time I'd like to see his ass is as it bounces off the curb. He ruined Metallica.

molly said...

yes ive heard he was quite gifted in the derriere area, though ive never had a particular interest in him.

you know who does also have a great behind? PRINCE
and he doesnt mind showing it off.

James Burnett said...

A singing ass. My ass has sung before - though never on key. And it certainly hasn't earned the money that Rod Stewart's ass has brought in. My ass is an underachiever.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Jim, in a concert in Detroit, and probably elsewhere, Prince once did this stripteases thing from a bathtub. I shudder.

Mrs. Sternberg, that picture does not remind you of your husband in his underwear.

Lee, Barry Manilow as a middle aged woman. Yes. Of course, he was a middle aged woman about twenty five years ago. Even without the botox.

Odat, I'm speechless. And from now on I'm saying bum.

Jedi..madonna? Really? I think back then I would have been more into Samantha Fox..but I was too old for such things.

Lee...In respect to all things Australian, except for that guy who supports George Bush, I from now on will say naughty "bum".

Fun with mens' butts. It sounds like a new broadway show, don't you think, Sarcastic Cynic?

Etain, if any bum is seen singing and dancing without its

Shadow..reading this through braile...

Avery you rock. Does that mean you'll be putting a picture of your butt on your blog?

Mr. Burnett, if your ass is an underachiever, it's only because it hasn't received the proper motivation. Now get out there and shake it.

Molly, I know you like Prince. Adore him. The good news about Prince is that following his Superbowl appearance they're releasing a Prince Action Figure, complete with raincoat.

Angell said...

Since you appeared on my blog, I thought I'd pop over to see what you've got going on over here. :D Glad I stopped in.

Rod Stewarts Butt, IMHO, ALWAYS deserves to be capitalized.

The answer to Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? is a resounding


My mother HATES Maggie May with a passion normally reserved for vermin. LOL. So of course dad used to play it to torture her...

I wondered why he was always on the couch..

Carol said...

I have been away too long! You are so funny. I went to see Rod Stewart 2 years ago and he still thinks he's sexy. I remember when Maggie May came out and I thought he was just so gorgeous. I remember his famous butt! LOL!