Sunday, January 28, 2007

And It's Only January

I know I said I would refrain from political postings for the most part, but I thought you might like to see some of the Congressional resolutions passed just this month. Now, don't consider this a negative statement toward the Democrats, because I assure you, the Republicans were just as bad, and most of these resolutions were passed unanimously:

  • A resolution recognizing the valor of WesleyAutrey of New York, New York
  • A resolution designating January as "National Stalking Awareness Month"
  • A resolution expressing "the sense of the senate as it regards Martin Luther King, Jr. Day..."
  • A bill to recognize the heritage of hunting (and to make available certain federal land for hunters)
  • A resolution honoring the National Academy of Music
  • A resolution commending the Nebraska-Lincoln Women's Volley Ball team
  • A resolution honoring the contribution of Catholic schools
  • A bill establishing Dutch-American Friendship Day
  • A resolution congratulating Lovey Smith and the Chicago Bears
  • A resolution demanding the return of the U.S.S. Pueblo from N. Korea (taken in 1968)
  • A resolution offered in support for prayer at school board meetings
  • A resolution congratulating Tony Gwynn for his election to the baseball hall of fame
  • A resolution recognizing the importance of western civilization
To be fair, most of Congress' time isn't spent on the above meaningless resolutions, and most the bills that get passed, and there are many (see this wonderful site to track the path of legislation), don't make it out of committee. Some of the bills, which will stand no change of passing (such as a law extending protection under the 14th amendment to embryos), will still allow a lawmaker to return to his constituent and brag about what windmills he tilted against.


Kate S said...

Ok, I have nothing witty or profound to say here (LOL, I said that as if I usually do) but just thanks for an interesting read, and thanks for going back to a white background with black text--I found I couldn't read the comments on the black background unless I highlighted them first.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've said it before. America will sink, giggling, into the sea soon.

What a lot of meaningless blather to waste our tax dollars on. The only one that could have any larger ramifications is the one in favor of prayer at school board meetings. We've already gone a long way toward obliterating the line between church and state, and it's disturbing. Not only will such prayers be inappropriate for non-Christians, but this nation is supposed to provide freedom From religion to those who prefer atheism. I do not like to see our freedoms eroding.

Lee said...

Dutch-American Friendship Day

It's about fucking time! ;)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Isn't it great to see our tax dollars at work!

DesLily said...

this did NOT make me feel better Stewart! They obviously have no problem spending our money for no good reason..sigh

SQT said...

What? No resolution guarantying their pensions for the next 3 lifetimes? Shocking.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Kate, there is nothing to say here. It's just a glimpse of the absurdity behind the curtain.

Heart...America will sink giggling..I cant think of a better way to go.

Whimsi..I would rather see congress waste time and money passing meaningless resolutions than sending men to war.

That's right Lee. I've already planned my celebration. I'm taking my wife out to dinner and making her pay half.

deslily, I promise I'll work my next posting to be a bit less frustrating.

Sidney said...

Well, now it's official - Western civilization has value. But wait aren't resolutions non-binding?

SaM-GiRL said...

Wow, it sounds really bad.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Nice post, Stewart. Not your usual Flash Fiction persona. I would also like there to be a resolution to connect Michigan and Illinois via a floating bridge over Lake Michigan utilizing a train that can travel backwards through time.

Stewart Sternberg said...

The western civilization resolution or bill cracks me up. Actually, Sid, it is an attempt to argue to make immigrants jump through more hoops to receive citizenship. The resolution suggests immigrants being subjected to more classes about western culture and values. I think the targets are muslims (the values this lawmaker expresses are probably judeochristian) and Mexicans (there is also something in the resolution about speaking English)

Wayne, I would love to see a ferry of some type reinstituted. Of course, while I can understand people wanting to travel west from Michigan, I cannot understand people wanting to travel east INTO Michigan

lee said...

I really do think that there should have been a resolution recognising the contribution of Michael Palin to the general wellbeing of the populace.Or...maybe not...

(I don't think the above sentence even makes sense, but I know what it means, anyway :) )

Matt said...

National Stalking Awareness Month? No shit.

miller580 said...

"subjected to more classes about western culture and values."

When do Americans get to take these classes? Or maybe the better question is WHO is teaching these classes?

jedimerc said...

This is why, while political at times, I never got into politics, though I rather enjoy the history of political ideology.

To me, the current system is befuddling and certainly needs reform, but how? Some of those resolutions just seemed a waste of our (the taxpayers) time... others just frivolous. I guess the business of government is not what it used to be.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I don't think stalking awareness is meaningless. They're talking about the bad kind of stalking right?

SQT said...

Jon-- I'm pretty sure it's the bad kind of stalking we're talking about. But awareness is not exactly the same as doing something about it. Our laws are really feeble when it comes to this kind of thing. Restraining orders don't do much and often nothing is done to the stalker until after the fact. Lucky me, I had one of my own years ago; fortunately he didn't turn out to be violent. But it scares you to death.

Christina Rundle said...

I can't point a finger, I'm so bad with resolutions myself. We decided yesterday that we were going to get in shape and not eat any sugar and today I tried to convince Emory to buy me some Monkey Bread. He started laughing and said, You want us to break our goal on the first day?

Yeah, goals, resolutions, no will power and then there is me.