Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mr. Sidney

I've decided to start posting about some of my internet friends. Maybe once a week...just to share the love. It's my way of embracing the blogging community that has so warmly accepted me.

If you enjoy horror and fantasy, you might stop by Sidney William's blog.

Mr. Williams, according to the Fantastic Fiction Directory ( began his career as a journalist. Publishing his first novel at age 26, he has sold several novels and short stories, three of them being young adult fiction under the name of Michael August. I gotta get me a non de plume some day.

Sid's blog is a fun place for fans of the genre. He recently published an interview there with the great Ray Bradbury, has provided numerous books reviews, and comments on classic horror. My favorite is his discussion of August Derleth's "The Lonesome Place".

So go ahead and drop in ( )


mist1 said...

You mean you use your real name?

Interesting. Me too.

SQT said...

I've been to Sidney's blog before, but I'm glad you brought him back up. I had fun taking his tests.

Sidney said...

Thanks Stewart - love your blog too. Speaking of horror, you would have been freaked by my back yard yesterday afternoon. My cat was inside so there were about five squirrels having a party on my back fence.