Friday, November 03, 2006

Make It Stop

I swore never to put anything political on this blog (of course Mao would have said that everything is political). However, I have to rant for just one second. Let me scream from the top of my roof: "MAKE IT STOP!!!"

It gets worse with each election cycle. Turn on the TV and there are seventeen negative ads in the course of one commercial break. Look at the mailman. He's got a hernia from all the negative junk mail he's been carrying. Go to a local website: a political pop-up ad tells you why one candidate walks on water and why the other candidate roasts dead babies. Sit in your easy chair and then run to get the telephone, only to be bombarded with a prerecorded message from God commanding you to vote for His candidate or roast eternally in Hell.

Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.

I'm an intelligent person. I read several online newspapers (both domestic and international) and I never watch Fox. This means that I am fairly informed. I find it hard to believe that any person with any sort of discerning taste or discernable cognitive ability is ever going to watch a television attack ad and be moved to vote for or against anyone.

So make it stop.


Susan Miller said...

Amen, brother!

SQT said...

We've actually had people coming to our front door to peddle their candidate. It's a good thing I didn't have any eggs in my hands at the time.

I'm sick of this $***!

Anonymous said...

Wednesday morning can't get here soon enough. I've had more phone calls this year than ever, and the television ads are ridiculous

Crazy Eddie said...

I can only hope that this horrid bombardment of scathing political attack commercials sways a record number vote turnout this time...

The lemmings of the world voted in past elections and look where it's gotten us.

One can only remain hopeful I guess...

You rock!!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Shucks. I don't rock...I....hmmm. Okay, yes I do.

Charles Gramlich said...

Unfortunately, folks who don't think for themselves are too often swayed by such spew. I get sick of both sides around this time of the year.

miller580 said...

I'd like to propose a new law, for every dollar a candidate (or their puppets) spend on a positive television ad (both the cost of production and air time) they have to contribute a dollar to the homeless charity in their local area. Or a charity that buys groceries and medicine for those that are of financial need.

And for every dollar spent on a negaive ad, five dollars must go to charity. Paid prior to the oath.

I know this sounds socialist, and I don't deny that. But I am sick of this.

In 2004's presidential election, they spent so much money criticizing the others "social securty" solutions, that had they dumped it into social security, it would have come close to fixing it.

I don't have the exact numbers, but the amount of money theses candidates spend to get a 200k a year job is sick. (we are talking what 30 to 40 million in ad buys? per cadidate?)

Here in Florida the choices suck so bad that there is a new movement to get everyone to not vote until we have candidates worth voting for. But the media calls it apathy.

Jon said...

I'll be sorry to see this political season go. I've enjoyed it. People send me letters! They call me on the phone and talk to me. They really, really care and I love them so much for it. I will vote for the ones that talk to me most or send me the best mail. There's a very pretty one and I hope she sends me lots of mail so I can vote for her. I see her on her ads. She looks at me. She smiles. I know what she means.