Thursday, November 30, 2006


Bad writing is like a saw on a strip of ivory meat. Yeah.

The following people have taken up the challenge and sent me truly bad writing samples. Stinking bad...starting with the words: The holidays were no fun for someone with holes in his pockets. Below are the first entries. Feel free to send me links to your atrocious posts, and please visit the ones below and tell them how bad they are. You know, what I should have done was given this project to my students. They know how to write badly. (asara has shown us some wretched description here...well some truly mundane word usage) (she's lean and mean...and a bad writing machine) (donkey's from downunder...he's given us his own flavor of putridness)


JR's Thumbprints said...

Writing badly allows us writers to get our ideas down on the page. There's always time to clean up the mess later. I like the comical approach to critiquing these stories. Keep it up!

Skittles said...

Asara is great. She's my daughter-in-law :)