Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I was going to wait until Thursday, but I've been getting so many responses...I thought I would start posting links now and add if any more arrive. It's been an interesting variety. Some people are just putting their toes in, working away at the craft as beginners or such. I confess, I actually went to different folk and solicited them to try their hand at the assignment. I applaud those brave souls. Others are grizzled vets. So, feel free to cruise through these different interpretations on a theme. You'll find many different levels of writing. You'll hear many different voices. Have fun. Please give feedback where you will, but remember to be constructive and offer suggestions. As for mine? Say whatever the hell you want. My hide's thick.

I do believe there will a few more stories coming this way. As soon as I get them, I'll be posting links to them.


Susan Miller said...

One thing that I know to be indicative of great teachers is that they can never seem to stop teaching. The stories are great, and I do appreciate the work that you are putting into this group.

SQT said...

I sent mine over last night Stewart, did you get it?

If not, here's the link.


SQT said...

I changed my mind and posted it on my regular blog too.

Fantasy & Sci-fi lovin' blog

Lori Witzel said...

Stewart -- thanks so very much for this fun stretch, and your kind hosting of the exercise!

As I was driving around this past weekend, I thought, "Good gosh, what on earth am I going to write about?"

And wound up in that small town where I ultimately found the right setting, and the words followed.

Thank you for helping me tune my ear and eye to the possibility of fiction close at hand with fact...


Jessica said...

Thanks for including me, teacher. ;-)

Stewart Sternberg said...

Susan,Lori SQT

It's my pleasure to give feedback. I like encouraging people to write. At all levels.

And SQT as you know you're link has been posted here and I have commented on your story, which I thought was tremendous fun.

Again one thousand words is an exercise. You can do a lot to develop some of your skills.

I would love to read fully developed work of fiction, but once something has been posted to a blog, it isn't really eligible for submission elsewhere.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Jessica. My pleasure. Keep writing.

SQT said...

How come something isn't eligible once it's been published on a blog?

Stewart Sternberg said...

A wise man named William Jones, who is also the editor of Dark Wisdom, told me that publishers consider the appearance on the web as first rights electronic publication. It would be like self publishing a book, distributing it for free, and then trying to sell to a publisher as something fresh and unread.

It is probably something that is up to the editor.

To be honest, I plan on taking my flash fiction "STARVING", the vampire thing I wrote for Halloween, and rewrting the sucker for publication. I will take the idea (ideas can't be copyrighted) and totally rewrite it. THen send it off for publication. Under another name.

Ethics? I see the blog entry as a form of journaling. I will take the flash piece and make it into something more compelling, working more on character and theme.

SQT said...

Something tells me the flash pieces wouldn't be too hard to sell as part of a larger piece. Especially if they were rewritten a bit. To me they'd be a little like an exerpt that's put out there to entice the reader to buy the whole book.

I was thinking that maybe publishing something on a blog makes it part of the public domain, but your explaination actually makes more sense. Thanks.