Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Halloween Playlist

Certain times of year I make playlists. I suppose it's evidence that I have too much time on my hands or that I'm somewhat pathetic. For instance, every September, I make a "fall music" list. What's on that? "Your Time Is Gonna Come"--Zepplin; "Roots of Oak"--Donovan; "Scarborough Fair"-- Simon and Garfunkel. What do these songs have to do with fall???? Nothing. Except that I get a sense of the autumn through the melodies and the feel of the music. It's a personal thing, and isn't music a personal experience.

Summer? "Schools Out"--Alice Cooper; "Groovin'"--Lovin' Spoonful; "Stand By Me"--Ben E. King. Now I know these are mostly classic rock tunes or oldies, but that isn't to say my list doesn't include more recent material (although you will never find rap in my playlist). It's just that these tunes come immediately to mind.

So...all this being said, what follows is my playlist for Halloween. If you pull up beside me at the light, you'll probably be hearing one of these tunes.

"Don't Fear The Reaper"--Blue Oyster Cult
"I Love The Dead"-- Alice Cooper
"X Files Theme"--Mark Snow
"Black Magic Woman"--Santana
"Sympathy for the Devil"--Rolling Stones
"The Shining"-- Film Sountrack
"The Exorcist Theme--" based on music by Mike Oldfield
"Spooky"--Dennis Yost
"Mr. Crowley"--Ozzy Osbourne
"Call of Kthulhu"--Metallica
"Halloween Theme"-_John Carpenter
"I Put A Spell On You"--Joe Cocker version
"Bad Moon Rising"--CCR
"Werewolves of London" Warren Zevon
"Werewolf" Five Man Electrical Band
"Jack The Ripper" Nick Cave
"Bela Lugosi's Dead" BauHaus
"Voodoo" Godsmack



Steve said...

great list

Sidney said...

I agree, great list. I might also recommend The Gotic Archies.

Dan said...

Thanks for posting comments on my "Horror Business" page and great list! My Halloween Ipod list has several in common with you. I also include songs that have the right "feel" if not blatantly about the holiday, I'll email it to you!

M- Filer said...

Well I see where your coming from with your playlist. I never would have put THAT collection together, but I certainly would enjoy hearing it.

I "produced" several copies (cover design & All) of a classic rock CD earlier this year
Led Zeppelin
Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
Steve Miller Band
Rolling Stones

I am more of a Disco Tart myself, but I love to listen to my Rock tunes in the dark when no one is watching.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to make a Halloween CD from this great list!

I wish that I belonged to a writer's group. It would be fun!

Crazy Eddie said...

Wow, I must say, that is a festive list. For someone of your maturity, it pleases me to see that your list is of an eclectic nature...

Rock on

Anonymous said...

I love your list. You totally rock. Alice Cooper is one of the greatest Vaudevillian-type showmen ever to grace this planet. And the Misfits -- no matter how badly they've been sold out by the Hot Topic generation, they're still one of the baddest punk bands. And Bauhaus! You absolutely can't be a curmudgeon if you've ever listened to them.

But, I'm gonna have to give you a couple more:
"Every Day is Halloween" - Ministry
"Black No. 1" - Type-O-Negative
"Living Dead Girl" - Rob Zombie
"I Walked With a Zombie" - Wednesday 13.