Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MORROW ROAD...haunted?

This is the stuff of campfire stories. This is the stuff of urban legends. Morrow Road.

Located in Clay Township, just outside the town of Algonac, is a winding stretch of pavement, once a lonely and isolated dirt road, now the site of new construction. Still, Morrow Road has the feel of what August Derleth would have called a "lonely place". You know, the sort of shadowed patch of sidewalk that little boys skirt or pass quickly through while whistling or keeping their heads down. It's the kind of spot that feels more natural on a cloudy day. In the sunlight, the shadows seem too stark and there is an aritificial cheeriness to the thick folliage pressing in on the sides of the road.

The legend has no concrete origin and it is the sort of legend repeated in dozens of other lonely spots across the country. A woman, whose child was stolen from her, went into an unforgiving snowstorm. Searching for her child, seeking help but receiving none, she herself perished. Now, of course, her spirit still searches for the child.

If you park your car by the side of the road and sit for a while the atmosphere touches you. Go there at night, when the snow is blowing across the road, and the legend says she is out there, still searching for her child.

Want to read an alleged first person account? Go here: or

Morrow Road is also the subject of a small independent film which should be shooting this coming summer. If you want to know more about that project, go to this website: WWW.MORROWROAD.COM



Susan Miller said...

Spooky...your story changed my perception of the photograph. Those are my favorite roads, you know, the ones where the branches of the trees meet. What would those trees say if they could talk? Like the dogs speaking it could end up being a fairly good writing I think.

Sidney said...

You know the pic kind of looks like the opening shot of the "Tales from the Darkside" credits. "Man lives in the sunlit world he believes to be reality..."

I agree with Susan, at first glance it looks like a beautiful landscape, but there are always shadows aren't there?

Jon said...

I've also hear that if you travel that road in the midst of a winter storm and stop for a short time with the window down while holding a cheeseburger out into the snow, you'll feel the cold chill of her breath on your wrist.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Ah, The Cheeseburger Phantom. Yes, that's true. And some nights, you'll hear her ask for an extra large order of fries.

Anonymous said...

I have some great photographs of Morrow Rd. I believe that I have captured the spirit of the legend on film. You can see these photos at www.myspace/richkanan


When I'm "backroading" I always say to myself..."this is where weird sh!t happens." I grew up not too far from this road and have never heard of the story until today. I will definitely take a ride out there to see what it is all about. Maybe I'll bring my nieces and nephews along just to see how creepy it can get! Thanks for sharing.