Monday, October 23, 2006

THE GREEN ROOM I seemed to be the only one in the Bay Area Writers' group who did the last assignment. Actually at the last meeting the Curmudgeons were the only ones present. The Curmudgeons is a name I have given to the three old males, myself included in this dubious triad, who have made up the nucleus of this writers group for the last four years or so. Don't get me wrong, there are other members. But The Curmudgeons are always there. Maybe it's because the three of us are the only ones who can tolerate one another. Maybe it's because our wives are having affairs every other Thursday.

If you want to see one of the three, go to his blog (check the link section for crotchety old Jon Zech).

Anyway, that being said, here is the new assignment, due at the next meeting, November 2nd.

No more than 1000 words: write about two people meeting after a traumatic event. The twist? Your manuscript must be in the form of a one act play, bear the title: "The Green Room", and be set in the room pictured above.Good luck.


Susan Miller said...

How outrageously intimidating a task! You and your friends all have developed such a mastery of writing. I am envious but that doesn't stop me from enjoying your stories. I hope to one day be courageous enough to attempt one of your challenges.

Jon said...

Hey, I wrote a stupid story about the stupid freaking apple tree! Well, maybe I didn't quite get it polished. Or edited. Or spell-checked. Or finished.

But I'll do this one. You know I love dialog. (Now everybody clicks over to my blog to read LaVere and Hazen, right?) Maybe I'll re-title it, "The Green Room."

Anonymous said...

lol. Yeah, I wasn't really sure I wanted to do the NaNo this time. I'm stuck with so much homework and I'm barely making ends meet in these classes. I know it's a bad idea, yet I can't talk myself out of it.

So you have a writing group? That works out pretty well for you? This semester in school we have writing groups and last year it didn't work that well for me. I was in a group that didn't like fantasy/horror and so one of my stories got trashed. This time around my group is pretty open and wonderful support.

Happy Writing!

Crazy Eddie said...

I absolutely love your writing. I can only aspire to become as flawless as yours...