Saturday, October 14, 2006

another baseball post...Stomp the Mets

A radio columnist asked the other day: "When did the Tigers show they were serious?" Some answered the turning point was the acquisition of Rodriguez, others said it was the signing of Placido Planco to a longterm contract, and yet others said it was the arrival of Jim Leyland. Allow me to humbly disagree with all of the above.

The current Tigers' success isn't the result of sage wisdom or rugged determination, but rather dumb luck of all these elements coming together at one time. Rodriguez? We managed to sign him after the one of the worst seasons we had, and that acquisition was an iffy dice roll. The man had health problems. We even built it into his contract that we could back away from him if his back started interfering with his game. We took similar risks with Magglio Ordonez and Guillen. We took risks with a forty one year old pitcher named Rogers, who came to us following an imbroglio on his own team and issues in the club house.

So, when did we know they were serious? Next season.

Even if the win the World Series, I'll say next season. If they can get into the play-offs next season, then we can shake off the mantle that this is all about luck, the rotation of the stars, the shifting of the tea leaves, etc. I was one of those people who expected the Tigers to do well, a little over five hundred, but never dreamed that they would make the play offs. And I consider myself somewhat baseball savvy.

So, that being said, let me shake off my crotchety cynicism and say: Go Tigers. The Oakland A's are toast and we need to look toward The Mets.



Ellie said...

This small town in central Alabama is cheering the Tigers on as well. Todd Jones is my neighbor, and lots of the homefolk are sporting "Todd Squad" t-shirts.
I remember Magglio well from his days with White Sox farm team Birmingham Barons.
Best of luck to your home team in the Series!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Okay, first ya'll notice the Mets are not in the series. Profs to the Cards. That being said...CRUSH THEM. HURT THEM. GO TIGERS.

Ellie, interesting post. It's funny how we never stop and think about where a player is from. Once he's on the team, he's ours. But It's good to know that The Todd Squad is up and running and cheering for him to do well.

Anonymous said...

I'll be cheering for the Phillies again next season!