Sunday, September 24, 2006


People who know me well enough know how much this means to me --- the Tigers are in the playoffs.

Each year I sit and wait for something good to happen. Each year I shake my head at the free agents who have declined or who have escaped because Ilitch isn't willing to pay them. I've always blamed his dual ownership of the Tigers and the Red Wings for my misery.

Even in 2003, when they had one of the worst records in baseball history (rather amazing to think we are only a few years removed from that travesty), I still supported my team. I have given them pure dedication.

I admit I was skeptical at the start of the year. I shook my head at the acquisition of Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones. "One's an old man and the older is a retread Tiger. Why not just call Jose Lima again and get it done with. And hey, while you're at it, where's Joe Randa?"

Of course, I watched the games and my jaw dropped as we broke from the starting gate. I didn't expect our pitching staff to mature as a group. I didn't take into account that Maglio Ordonez spent last year off being sick; that Pudge had back spasms; that Guillen had injury problems. I didn't take into consideration Placedo Planko. And hey, who the hell is this Shelton character? And who's Zumaya?

Will they beat the Yankees? No. I could be wrong, but NO. It would be nice..but I won't torture myself like that. I'm just thrilled they're in the play offs.

I also hope that although the Tigers won't do it, that someone else will beat the crap out of the Yankees. They remain the team to hate. George Steinbrenner is all that's wrong with baseball and all that's wrong with America.


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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I am a Cubs fan because I was born on the nort' side a Chicaga, so I don't give a ding dong if dose White Sox don't make da wild card watchamacallit. And I live on da sout' side now, with Sox Park over dere by the el train.