Friday, September 01, 2006


Before I jump into another post let me first pause and give credit to another blogger: Wayne Allen Sallee of Burbank, Illinois. Go to his blog ( I think you will find it entertaining, well designed and just plain fun.

Also, in case you're not familiar with Mr. Sallee, he's published numerous novels and has been included in a number of outstanding anthologies. You can find his work on

Now onto my post

I want to give a plug to an upcoming conference in Michigan. It will be held in Romulus, a western suburb of Detroit, in October. Here is the link ( You'll have to cut and past the link here, for some reason blogspot isn't letting me generate a shortcut where I want.

A writer friend, who will remain nameless (Rick) has on several occasions emphasized the importance of creating a business plan toward publication. A successful businessman himself (he is self employed and appears to be doing reasonably well), Rick believes the same business concepts should be applied toward getting published. Toward this end he has initiated a "business plan". I am not sure what the plan entails, but some elements involve networking, creating a calendar for submissions, market research, etc.

I like this pragmatic approach. Someone else who wants to be published recently bemoaned her lack of success. I askeed that person what she had done to accomplish her goals, and the answer was "nothing". Stories on hard drives do not publish themselves.

Lastly, the picture above is of Leo and Matilda. I promised to include Matilda in an earlier blog

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Matilda is adorable too!